Your Divine Purpose Is Connected To Enormous Profits

Building a business you love, find great satisfaction in and make the money you crave!

By: Sandi Krakowski

When you find your divine purpose, the thing God knit into you when you were in your mother's womb, the profits you've been craving are directly connected to it. It is knit into your DNA. Your purpose is a blessing God gave you specifically, no one else, to full fill. He didn't give it to you so you could parade yourself around and be super success story number one. He gave it to you so you could be hugely beneficial to enormous amounts of people. He also gave it to you so you could find the utmost of satisfaction in life. Making the money is not an issue…. it follows naturally.

The very proof that your Divine Purpose is knit into your DNA is shown in the yearning, craving, and desire that you have deep at the core of who you are. This yearning that you've had, many of you since you were very little, is what God put you on the earth to do.

Do you see why working at a job will not fulfill this if you don't like what you do?

It is not my belief that everyone is designed by God to run a company. That's not true. Some are called to serve, some lead. Some are called to help, some give. Some are designed to lead within a company, help another leader, some are called to silently support. We all have unique gifts and talents that God took from heaven, knit them into our mortal frame when we were created, and He desires that we would release these into the earth.

Can you imagine what the earth would be like if we all did what we were created to do?

If we stopped the jealousy, the competition and trying to 'make ourselves' into what made someone else successful, we would finally tap into what we were designed to do. My assistant Amity has a unique God given Divine Design to support. She has a divine gift for detail. She gets a great deal of satisfaction out of serving me, supporting our customers and bringing it all together so that at the end of each day and each week, strings aren't all over the place pulling in ten directions. When she was attempting to run a big company herself, she never felt like she quite 'could do it'. She's an amazing writer, amazing teacher and amazingly patient….. but she recently saw that her divine gifts were blooming hugely by supporting others!  And…. the profits have followed! She's increased her income and her earning potential enormously…. but she wasn't pursuing that. I find it amazingly rewarding every time I get to tell her I'm raising her pay, because she never is pursuing that. She pursues her design.

What is your Divine Design?

Pay very close attention to what you dismiss in life or don't give yourself permission to do. For me? It was public speaking. Not that I didn't want to- but I had this horrible fear that I'd fail, I'd be away from my kids too much, I'd piss off my coach * odd fear I know!* or that I'd do something so stupid I'd be doomed to hiding behind my computer screen for life.. never having human contact! My word… the lies we tell ourself.

The fact of the matter is I was Divinely Designed to speak publically! God has wired me to speak to people in public settings, on teleclasses, webinars and in a coaching situation. So the very thing I was dismissing and not giving myself permission to do was the EXACT thing He created me to do! When I stepped into it… we ended up with 30 information products, a sold out coaching program and several sold out live events in 11 months time!

What is it?

What are you constantly dismissing?

What are you not giving yourself permission to do?

It's import for you to KNOW what this is, so that YOU can full fill and yes I mean it, FULL FILL your destiny! Your Divine Design is blueprinted to your destiny.

I have a question for you. Would you like me to host a 4 hour Tele Class so we can do some live coaching together, analysis and processes so you can be 100% SURE of what your Divine Design is?

Comment below if that is something you'd be interested in! Share with me your current struggles and how I can personally help you.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

small The Currency Of ConnectionSandi Krakowski    is a "Back To Basics Step By Step Business" expert who currently serves more than 102,000 clients in over 136 countries. Her systems help the average business owner as well as big corporations get extra-ordinary results quickly. She has a track record for her 'bringing it into action' processes that company owners find easy to implement with quick results. She has been working online successfully for the last 14 years.