How To Create A "Crush It!" Campaign And Build A Big List FAST!
By: Sandi Krakowski

A month ago I was on the phone with Bill Glazer and we began to speak about his 3-Step process of marketing. It’s a simple process, really. You ask your customers a few multiple-choice questions. Give them an opportunity to give input. Take input, reveal it to them, invite them to an event, product, webinar or whatever it is you are marketing. Tell them you will give more strategic instruction on how to accomplish what survey revealed. It’s that simple.

Not only did I use this 3-Step process to close over $ 500,000 in business in under 28 hours, which recently won me the “Crush It!” contest at the Platinum Mastermind, but I decided to take it one step further into our list building and social media campaigns. The results were mind blowing. Really. Even I was shocked! And it takes a lot to shock me!

In one of our recent articles I shared with The Glazer Kennedy clan a secret for business in,  “The Skill Of Listening For Huge Company Growth.”   It is this critical skill of listening that is at stake when taking a survey. Anyone can take a survey, gather information, read data and feel super smart. But that my friends doesn’t make anyone any money! When we listen and then take ACTION we’ll begin to see ridiculous results in our marketing!

Recently, I did a test to see just how far this could go. I then shared this with Mara Glazer. Her first response was, “WOAH!” and her second response was, “Can we do an article on that?”

Let me share with you how to increase your list by 8000 opt ins with a free offer your customers are begging you for!

My goal with this ‘free campaign’ was to get as many Opt Ins, Facebook Likes, Retweets on Twitter and comments to my blog as I possible could in under 30 days.

First course of action was to do a survey.

The questions were specific enough to see what my clients wanted help on. Answers revealed to me over and over again that they wanted some ‘personal hand holding through the basics of copywriting, email marketing, list building  and of course, WordPress.’ Our entire company is built on using the platform of WordPress to make more money. It’s paid us handsomely! (First line of success- be doing what you say you can teach!)  Our courses are all geared toward each of the topics our customers said they wanted to learn more about. So it became quickly obvious to me that if we gave them ‘the basics’ for free, they would automatically want more of what we offered. It worked with our recent coaching launch, why not give it a try with our list building efforts? So we did.

In this personal ‘case study’ my goal was to get as many Opt Ins as possible. We weren’t about to just give away our best goods. We would require that each person who wanted to take action with me on this ‘free course’ would be required to Opt In. If you’re not doing this, your competitors are so grateful! Because they are requiring an Opt In and are building a bigger list than YOU are!

How many Facebook Likes could I get was my second goal. Why you might ask?  Because each time someone “Likes” your blog entry it shows up on their feed on Facebook. Let’s look at this with simple math:

If Mark has 890 friends

Mara has 4567 friends

Bill has 1245 friends

Joe has 340 friends

Susan has 2459 friends

Our article has now been shown to: 8256 people who will in some way or another be of some interest to our company. If just 10% of these people are my ideal client, it’s likely we could expect between 400-800 people to really take a substantial look at what we offer. If our copy is good, many will Opt In. And they did!

The results of this case study in just 30 days created 865 PEOPLE sharing our page. 865 people with just 500 friends each means 432,500 people were exposed to our free offer in their Facebook feed page! HULLO?! Take 10% of that and do the math above and keep reading. It’s gonna get wild here in just a few seconds folks!

Next course of action- how many ReTweets can we get? Do the same math as above. If Mara, Joe and Susan have these same amount of followers on Twitter, we have again free exposure.

The results of this case study created 203 retweets on Twitter in 30 days.

Next course of action- how many comments can we get?
This is critical. The more comments you get to your blog, the lower your Alexa ranking will go down, the more relevant you’ll appear in Google for your specific keywords and the higher you’ll rise as well on Google for your Organic keywords.

This is where the MAGIC starts to happen!

The results of this case study  was 208 comments! But pay attention to this…. We plugged in Facebook Comments and everytime someone commented…. Are you getting what happened? It showed up on their wall for ALL their friends to see!!

Now here is the real fun part. This was a FREE offer, that created a HUGE SURGE in Opt Ins to our list. It was not a product for sale. It was a LIST BUILDING campaign that cost me nothing but 45 minutes of my time to create and some automated marketing I put into place with HootSuite my favorite Social Media tool.

The end of this case study page has this in closing:

Join Me For 30 Days- Videos & Emails To Make More Money With Your Blog! No Strings… But Lots Of Work! Let's Go!!

The end result was over 8000 Opt Ins to our list in under 30 days.

The next time you set out to ‘assess your marketing budget’ or you are in your office with your head down over your bank statement and you’re wondering ‘how to come up with advertising dollars’ remember this critical check list:

1.    Ask the right questions

2.    Give the answers

3.    Offer help

4.    Tell customers to share with everyone they know

5.    Create a team effort

6.    Make a lot of money

The results of this list building has already sold out another one of my coaching programs. It also helped us to fill more than 700 Seats in a Tele-Class I did that sold for $ 57 per seat. It took 4 hours of work and some prep time, about another 2 hours.  And…. Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen… it was 100% free. No ad expenses, no media buys, no JV’s, no list sharing. Just good old fashioned business 101.  AND a lot of listening.

Curious to see the free offer so you can learn in a more visual way? Here’s the link:

I’ll close with this. If you give your client something of value for free, they’ll never have a problem taking out their cash to pay you for more of your value. Take time to craft your Opt In offer and then… start planning your next vacation!

  Sandi Krakowski    is a "Back To Basics Step By Step Business" expert who currently serves more than 102,000 clients in over 136 countries. Her systems help the average business owner as well as big corporations get extra-ordinary results quickly. She has a track record for her 'bringing it into action' processes that company owners find easy to implement with quick results. She has been working online successfully for the last 14 years.