Faith In Business? What Does It Look Like

By: Sandi Krakowski 

Faith is the substance of things not seen– it is the evidence of things hoped for. In plain English, it is the DNA of your Divine Purpose and your Passion.

Everyday people tell me they have faith to build a big business, but they won’t blog or pick up the phone.

Everyday people share with me their plans and strategies for feeding the hungry and helping the homeless but they won’t put up a blog, write an email campaign or create an information product. 

A recent episode of “The Secret Millionaire” on ABC really rocked my world, because they were in my home state, walking through Detroit, MI where I had birthed my babies.

On this particular episode I saw so much intense desire to do more, be more and rise out of poverty, it broke me. I was sobbing as I watched the guest, Mark, walk through the streets and share with these people. Before my very eyes were champions and it wasn’t the film crew or the millionaire guest.

The Champions were the woman who had a kidney transplant and was a single Mommy and just wanted to give a better life to her daughter.

The Champions were the men who were walking the streets, keeping peace and helping to protect the children.

The Champions were the unsung heros wanting to do more and be more.

Then I come back to my Facebook page or my Twitter page where our clients connect with us and share their business challenges. Hearing about someone struggling with a 404 error and another who can’t figure out how to install a widget …. And my heart broke.

Fighting for food- fighting with a dang technological program online.

Who is the real champion? 

Please don’t think that I have no sympathy for the small business owner aspiring to be all that God designed them to be and working hard to learn everything they can so they can build their own business.

But I lose my compassion when people who have everything won’t help themselves. They’d rather chat online or play Farmville for another hour, hoping to flitter their life away… and then open their well stocked refrigerator, looking for the evening meal.

At the very same time Japan was hit with an earthquake and then a tidal wave and later nuclear explosions and….. we heard first hand from clients who live there and were fearful for their lives! Sending us messages in our Facebook groups asking for prayer!

We need to create A Real Change in business. We need to come together to be all that we can be. But my friends, we need to get over our own stuff first. Some of you might be offended when I use the hashtag on Twitter #getoveryourownchitfirst but I really truly want to see you succeed….

And I know it won’t happen with apathy, laziness or despair.

Many of you know my personal story and know that life has never been handed to me on a silver platter and learning things has never come easy to me.. .it’s been a journey for my own destiny, many times a WAR for my own design. So this is always said with much love and concern.

But we can’t spoon feed ….

We need people who will rise up, step up, shake the dust off their feet and be more.

Are you committed to your future so you can be what God designed for you to be in the earth?

The earth is ROBBED, literally short changed, when you don’t full fill your gifting…

So today, after seeing so much tragedy, hearing of so much pain, seeing people who have nothing, fight for their lives and their future……  I’m here to ask you one question. Are YOU ready for A Real Change?

What will YOU do to get yourself to where you need to be to serve the world? 

Will you take a class? Get some coaching? Set up your blog finally? Create your free offer? Write your report or maybe even your book?

NOTHING becomes dynamic until it becomes specific. So let's be specific. Let's be a team! Let's do this together, shall we?

Tell me what you’re going to do about it.  Are you committed to being the best that you can?

Please share your comments! 

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