You could WIN our Total Online Blueprint DVD, CD & Workbook SET!

Contest Details-

Questions posted and answers given March 10th thru 12 noon March 14th. Winners announced March 14th on our Monday night calls
Question #1-

What is your biggest sticking point when it comes to discovering your Divine Purpose & Passion?

Question #2-

What does your life look like when that sticking point is removed?

What is included in the prize- 

NOTE: This is not like our previous released products. Material on THIS DVD & CD set are actually the step after our "Bigger Business Profits" event. The two are completely different. If you are SERIOUS about business, do not miss this DVD & CD set.

Hour #1- WordPress, Your Ideal Client, Your Message, Your offer

Hour #2 & 3 – Your Mindset, Your Purpose And Your Business 

Hour #4 & 5- Facebook Marketing, Headline, Ads and Online Marketing

Hour #6- Media Buys, Shared Advertising And Offline Advertising


Hour #8 – MORE Media Buys, Advertising In Magazines, Offline Ads, And PPC

Hour # 11- eCommerce Made Easy, Ads On Your Blog & Blogging

Hour # 12- & 13 – Wrapping it up and WHAT to do for the next 90 days!

Don't miss ANYTHING- including the special 2 Hr + BONUS spiritual session!

We are giving away 3 Copies of this DVD set. The best answers will win!

Your Only Chance To Learn Step-By-Step How We Created A List Of 80,000 Customers, Went To 7-Figures In 7-Months And Sold A $ 500,000 Coaching Program In Under 28 Hours Through Social Media…. THIS is the "HOW"…

Sneak Peek Of What You Could WIN!


More Detailed Topics on this DVD/CD set include:

  • Building a business where you love your clients and they love you
  • How to do Social Media in just an hour or two per day that pays you hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Find out where your idea clients are, how to speak to them and close the sale from your blog
  • Keyword research
  • Setting up an eCommerce link on any and all products inside your blog
  • An Opt-In Offer that closes like gang busters
  • Web Copy that coverts even if you are not already a writer (One story on this DVD set is of a mother of 12 who closed 67 coaching spots in 2 days with her FIRST sales letter, she is NOT a writer!) 
  • How to make a real- heart connection with your audience so you attract

  • List Building -Creating a big house list of hungry customers you can market to over and over again. The big strength of those who succeed online is in building their list.
  • Web Copy – Learn simple strategies for creating better headlines, leading your customers through a funnel and closing the sale through your webpage, blog post, sales letter and more. Internet Copywriting is a required skill if you are going to succeed online. I'll show you secrets I learned studying with the best in the world and make it easy for you!
  • Email Campaigns– Write emails that get opened, read and clicked thru. This is a skill that when mastered could double your profits instantly. It doesn't matter what product you have, if it's a service or a drop shipped item- email is your 'rapport building center' with prospective clients. 
  • Auto Responders– The do's and don'ts of good auto responders. Learn secrets that have made enormous profits for my clients. Write auto responders that people actually reply to and think you wrote it to them personally.
  • Keyword Research– I'll teach you how to spy legally on your competition, see their ads, read where they place their marketing, what they are doing to get traffic and beat them at their own strategies! This session alone will increase your organic traffic, lower your Alexa ranking fast and get you on the first page of Google so quickly you'll be shocked at how simple it is!
  • Social Media-Take the mystery out of Facebook and Twitter. Learn to use these channels to create big profits! Simple steps for finding the best clients and how to connect with them every single day without exhausting yourself!

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We'll choose the winner on Monday, March 14, 2011 and announce on our call!