I am always amazed when someone asks me for advise, counseling, prayer, what have you- and they tell me the dilemma, the trial, the situation and when I give them what I believe God teaches – they more times than not will say- I know.. I know.

The problem you see is not what we know, it’s what we believe. What we believe dictates what we do. And our actions are led, motivated, governed by what we believe. So what you know in plain terms doesn’t mean anything, it’s what you believe about what you know, or maybe, about what you don’t know, that is creating the life you now live. Example: Let’s say you believe that if you do certain activities in a business over and over again you will eventually get a result. Well, you act on those beliefs and you act over and over again- and yet, the reality is, when you see the money going out, the time spent, the bottom line is in the red. That means no profit. Remember if the things you are doing are for a business there has to be profit otherwise, no matter how you slice it, no matter what you know, who cares what you are saying, if you do not show a profit you do not have a business, you have a charity or a hobby. So if the things that you believe are creating an activity for you over and over again and you are still not seeing a profit- what should you do? Change your plan? Get some more education? Change careers? All of these might seem like good answers but lets access this in line with our opening statement: we act on what we believe and not on what we know.

Change your plan.

Sounds good. Sounds professional, prestigious even. Makes you feel good, “I am changing the plan, we’ll get to the bottom of this and we’ll finally see a profit.” So you change your time management, you change your desired target or focus, you change what you are going to do on a daily basis and yet, when the bottom line is looked at 30, 60, 90 days later, there is still no profit. Could it be that just changing the plan wasn’t enough? It sure could… especially if you never changed what you BELIEVE.

Do you realize that in times of stress, times of chaos, times of change we will most often, unless we are very very careful, resort to what we are most comfortable with, what we typically do when we are most vulnerable and more than 90% of the time that means we’ll go back to repeating the activities that do not create a profit. So if during times of stress, chaos, change we will most often gravitate to the things that aren’t working- but sure do make us feel important, make us feel special, make us ‘feel’ like a business owner but we still are not making a profit, it could be, possibly, that we are just accumulating knowledge, facts, plans, strategies, insights, and information and we are never ever doing what we should.

I am taking action everyday, you might be thinking, and I still haven’t seen an income.

I am doing the activities I was told to do, call leads, talk to people, read a script, write down my numbers, block our work hours, show up for work. I am doing all that, but still, no profit. Go back to square one is my advice. What actions are you really taking, write them down. AND where are your beliefs?

Did you know there are only three things are in control of? Time, Energy, Money. …. And on a spiritual basis, I’ll add your ‘chooser’.. and frankly, your chooser is controlling the time, energy and money in your life. So if you are doing activities that are sucking up your time, your energy and your money and you are not making a profit- change your activities… not your plan. OR- start believing that the actions that you are taking are really going to create a profit, and then see what happens. Everyday when I was building my business in direct sales I would see this. People who said they were doing what I was doing, yet I was making six-figures and they could barely squeek out $ 500. They were monthly embezzling their family funds, going into debt, believing a lottery mentality and a poverty lie that it takes money to make money and waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting for one day a huge harvest to come forth when the reality is they did not truly, honestly, with their heart and mind believe they’d make it and they were typically doing the activities that do not make money but make for frustration, wasted time and energy.

Sad, isn’t it?

Get some education.

Now this one is true. I did this and it can lead to huge profits. I made over ½ a million dollars in under 2 years, working part time. I have made 7-figures several times in my life in several business models. This was the first time I was however debt free and managing my money. This was the first time, as God is my witness, that I never ever spent more than 10% of my income to create more income. And I did this by getting an education on how to be a profitable business owner in all aspects of life. The reality is however that getting an education doesn’t create an income for you anymore than buying a beautiful set of office furniture makes you a business owner. It just isn’t true. Getting an education only is profitable if you apply what you learn.

Change careers follows the same thought.

If you hate the job you are in, you are ungrateful, you feel inadequate or underpaid or not appreciated or you just can’t stand what you are doing changing careers, getting a home based business, owning your own company, what ever you do is notgoing to change anything for you- unless your beliefs about your work, about yourself, about life in general change. This isn’t rocket science. There are a lot of self-help programs out there that will teach this.  The reality is this- if your beliefs do not change than finding a new career will waste the three things you are in control of. Changing companies, states, occupations, marriage partners, whatever will not change until your beliefs do.

You see what you believe controls 100% of who you are.

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You can.

And it is possible.

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