In the digital world, the internet and instant communication it is VERY important to understand where your MAIN FOCUS should be in all of your marketing, advertising, branding and copywriting.  This ONE FOCUS should reach and influence the most people who can and will respond.

Do you know what this focus should be?

Should you FOCUS on all the ways that your product or service solve a big problem?

Many amateur marketers, advertisers, branding so-called specialists and copywriters tend to take a direction that leaves far too many profits on the table.  It’s the focus of themselves. Recently I was editing a sales letter that someone had me review, hoping to ‘tweak’ it for better results.

The headline read:  I Have Investors Waiting To Give You Money For Your Foreclosing Home- Call Me NOW!

My ‘tweaked’ headline was:  Tired Of Sleepless Nights And Endless Worries As Your Dream Home Sinks Into Foreclosure? Call Me NOW- I Have a Ready & ABLE Buyer For You!

Where is the focus in the first headline?  If you are an amateur or you are in the habit of calling yourself a professional but you simply copy and swipe from anyone you can- you might do well with this headline, you might get a 2-3 % opt in rate, you might even make multiple six figures!  But WHO is the focus in the first headline?

It’s YOU, the one offering the services.

Where is the focus in the second headline?  You see when you separate yourself from the 6-figure earning amateurs and you RISE above those who are just making money online and SIFT PROFITS from those who are still doing what they did ten years ago… you begin to see where the focus should really be.

It’s on the PROSPECT, the CLIENT, the most IMPORTANT PERSON in every campaign!

If someone is reading an advertisement, a direct mail piece, marketing headlines and leads, branding and copywriting …… they are thinking of only ONE PERSON.

It is THIS ONE PERSON that all of humanity has been thinking of from the beginning of time!

IF YOU focus on this ONE PERSON you, my friend, will make an ENORMOUS amount of money and you’ll make it faster, longer and repeatedly when everyone else is running after the latest greatest system, teacher, guru or latest internet marketing WIDGET for WordPress!

Focus on the person that is most important to your clients and you will easily make an income, over and over again.

The focus is themselves.  YOUR client cares only and supremely about who they see in the mirror every day. 

Therefore…. the focus of ALL of your marketing, advertising, branding and copywriting… sales copy, internet web copy, auto responder copy, email copy, printed copy, WORDS YOU SPEAK ON THE PHONE… should be… your prospect or client.

Make the switch, I bet you’ll be making money magically….. and you’ll sleep better at night as well.

God bless you!
Sandi Krakowski