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How To Create Great Content Without Being Overwhelmed
Or Bored On Your Social Media Pages 

I’ve been building my social media presence since 2010. I got very serious about it
in 2011 when things really took off. As many of you know, we now reach more than
1.8 million people every single day with over 73 MILLION ORGANIC impressions every 90 days. This possibility awaits you!

One of the top three questions I get from students who attend my classes is :
“How do I create great content every day, day in and day out?”

My best advice is this: Always be living in the realm that your clients live in. Don’t let their barometer or questions spur your interest, always be one step ahead! If you’re in the nutrition and health industry, you should be reading 2-4 books per month on the latest trends in this field, reading magazines every week, reading blogs, how to’s and more that all pertain to the industry you’re in! 

Ironically, I see people studying, “How to do business” and “How to make money”
more than anything else. This is totally wrong, if you want to build a profitable
business. WAY off base. Why would I say such a thing? Because unless you are
building a business that specializes in teaching people how to grow a big business,
you should be studying the field you are IN and becoming the best thought leader,
guru and expert you can become! Studying business doesn’t make you smart for
business. Studying the field you’re in does! (By the way people who lead others in
creating businesses rarely study business, they master the field their in, learn how
to be very successful in multiple realms and are then qualified to lead others!) 

You’ll never lack great ideas, inspiration or motivation when it comes to creating
great content if you are saturating your mind in the topic that you are seeking to
influence and become an exert at. You want YOUR customers and clients to trust
you for information, guidance and expertise! Do your homework! 🙂 

As you do this, you’ll know what to lead with, easily and nearly, effortlessly!

I think some of you have a big SHIFT to make and homework to study!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski