THOUGHTs for you today on mentors: Some mentors make people feel bad, or guilty for not working 24/7, 90 hours per week. For many many years a ‘stronghold’ belief was creating in the business world that you can prove how powerful and rich you are by how many hours you work. Not only is this faulty, but it’s ego and based on idolatry.

GOD can empower you to DO MORE in less time and to ACCOMPLISH things you’ve never done before because you are WILLING to work hard, work excellently, work diligently and then you will obediently UNPLUG. Family is important, rest is important, personal time and self care are important. When we neglect these things, or get them out of balance, EVERYTHING is out of balance.

For example, you can’t neglect your small or home business because of family and expect it to grow. YOU ALSO can’t neglect your family because of your business and expect your relationships to grow. We must take care of BOTH things. We must have healthy boundaries. Learn to say no to some extra-curricular activities. You DO NOT have to be at every meeting at church. You don’t have to do everything that people say you would be good at. You also don’t have to do everything now!

There are seasons in life. There is a time for harvest and there is a time for caring for our harvest.

Some people could work diligently on their home business just 7-10 hours per week or in the evenings and build a legacy in under 5 years. We don’t have to do things overnight. Have a few trusted people who can speak into your life and help you to get sharper and do better. That’s my desire! I want to be THAT VOICE in the wilderness for you, if you’ll let me. 🙂

DO NOT go it alone. It’s a very deceptive road to do things alone. Be faithful. Be diligent. Give it your all. Remember self care, family, relationships, rest. The STRONG person is the one who endures, the one who sustains through the seasons and challenges in life. NOT the one who works 120 hours per week and never sleeps. That’s actually a sign of insecurity and scarcity.

God has a way that is different than what most will teach, and with it, comes joy, rest, peace and happiness! Be blessed today my friends!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski