Unique Businesses And Getting Ready To Build A Full Time Income Online
By: Sandi Krakowski
I'm always amazed at the ingenuity that people can come up with to solve an urgent pressing problem in the marketplace! It's like fuel for my soul when I see a unique business prospering!

Almost 2 years ago I was introduced to a local gal who has a commercial van turned into Dog Grooming Business. What this means is, she solves the urgent problem of dog owners not wanting to leave their home, crate their dog in a shop and be away for the day from their babies when they get their grooming done.

Now because Mr Kobe Bear really values his looks and Momma loves how yummy he looks with a fresh hair cut *wink* I decided to give Lori's services a try for his first haircut.

At our first appointment, she pulls into my driveway, takes the dog, goes into her van, washes, trims and clips his nails and gives me a gorgeous puppy with a bandana on! It was perfect! Since then she's been cutting Kobe's hair every 5-6 weeks, because Momma loves it fresh and nice. It's perfect! No interruption to my schedule and her service is the best! (write that down!!! urgent problem solved!)

She recently told me about antlers as a 'cleaner' dog chew toy. At first I thought it was a joke… "Huh? You mean dogs chew on antlers?"  She proceeded to tell me how healthy it was and it didn't mess up their gorgeous hair or your carpet! I was instantly sold! So yesterday Mr Kobe Bear got a selection of deer, caribou, elk and moose antlers delivered to our house via the amazing Amazon Prime! HA!  Is he spoiled or what?!

Creating a valuable business that you can run on your time frame is worth more than anything else, in my opinion. Having the financial freedom to travel, work when you want, do whatever you want, remove yourself from office politics and drama is an amazing way to live!

Many of you are seriously ready to do just that… and some of you have some AMAZING business ideas, just like Lori does! (BTW, she makes a handsome income doing dog's hair! She's booked out 5 months in advance!) And you've sent us some questions about where you might appropriately fit in our coaching program.

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who have submitted questions about our 2012 Best Business Coaching Program! We are so grateful to be able to serve you!

Before we take off on Monday night, at 8:00 pm ET SHARP I thought I'd send out a quick FAQ of questions that are coming in. 

Below are some of the top FAQ's to help you make the best decision!

Kobe Bear is at my feet as I write this thoroughly enjoying his deer antler! So I'm gonna go grab a hug from him before my first appointment.

Let us know how we can serve you, {!firstname}. You mean the world to us!

With love,
Sandi & Alan Krakowski

FAQ's For Our Coaching Program:

1. Can my 18 year old join your program?

WOW, this is a great question! Absolutely!! We'll expect the same high level of commitment that any college or career coach would expect and we'd be honored to help your young adult succeed in business!

2. What do I do if I want to join the Ruby program but am worried if I don't get accepted I'll lose a spot in the Sapphire program?

I'm so proud of the people who are asking this because it shows absolutely commitment! Woohoo!!!  What you'd do in this case is apply for the Ruby program, first and foremost. Then, if you are asked to begin in the Sapphire program by chance, we'll refund the difference of your deposit and make sure you don't miss a spot. You will NOT miss a position in the coaching if you are asked to go to a level that is below what you applied for.

3. I have a WordPress blog, began using MailChimp as my mail server and just started building my list. I've made a commitment to start writing my newsletter now- am I ready for Sapphire?

Yes!! This is a perfect spot for you!  As long as you have these in place, you're ready to go!  As a Sapphire member you'll have the attention to all detail you'll need for copywriting, marketing, advertising and more you need. PLUS… you get 1/2 hour with Sandi and PJ each month on a private one on one call to prevent any sticking points! 

4. I currently earn $ 350,000 per year in my business but  haven't really used any online platforms as of yet.  I have a blog, am beginning a list with your List Building Program and am ready to do a newsletter.  Can I apply for Diamond?  

Yes, you can.  My best recommendation to you is to purchase the Email Marketing course, Auto Responder Magic and Web Copy courses instantly.  Then make your deposit. Between now and Jan 2nd, finish those courses and you'd be an ideal fit for Diamond. If we fell you'd do best starting at Ruby, by reviewing your application, we'll be sure you don't miss a spot in that group.

5. I am making $ 110,000 per year in my direct sales business but really haven't built my list. My newsletter pretty much goes out to just my consultants and distributors. What level is best for me?

This is a situation where Ruby might be best, because you haven't been building a list. Diamonds MUST be building a list and they must be interacting actively with their clients. List building is a huge key to online success. To get you to the $ 250,000 hump the Ruby program might be your best bet. Depending on how you answer the application which is 4- pages and very specific, Sandi might promote you to Diamond or she might ask you to spend a year in Ruby to get to Mastery.  Submit that application! We can't wait to work with you.

6. My husband and I run a business together. Do we have to pay for 2 spots in the program?

No, you don't. But the one on one coaching will be done with both partners or just one each session. This doesn't mean you'll get twice the amount of private coaching. We have several business couples working together, as well as business partners. Each situation is individual and Sandi will approve and facilitate each one individually.

7.  I want to be in Ruby and believe I have all the qualifications of Ruby, but am fearful. Should I just go into Sapphire?

The truth is this, to be a Ruby you won't be rid of all fear, but you will be rid of holding yourself back and using your fear as an excuse to not press forward. This is a decision you would have to make and we would honor. Just be cautious that you don't submit an application for Ruby if you are not 100% committed to your future. If you have a problem with procrastination, constantly hold yourself back in various areas of life and you know the likelihood you'd step up instantly is very low, get into Sapphire and work your way up the program. We'll help you get there! The next step is up to you.

8. If I get into Sapphire can I promote to Ruby later in the year?

The answer is varied, depending on the level of increased skill and commitment and the openings in Ruby. We already know our program will sell out. But we also know that some people think they are committed and they aren't. You'd be able to promote up, yes, if an opening was available. Please note, there is a current 3 month waiting list for Ruby and Diamond at the time of this writing with several clients waiting. NOW is the time to press through for your future! 

If you have a question that wasn't answered, please post it below in our comments! We'll do our best to answer you!