The Changing Faces Of Online Payments And WHY You Must Understand That The Easier It Is To Buy, Make A Payment  And Get My Digital Products The Faster Your Customers Will Spend Money On Your Stuff! 

By: Sandi Krakowski

Welcome to my Marketing Science Lab where I'm going to show you what is happening in the marketing world.

Today we're talking about payments and why the faster your clients can make them, the faster you will get paid and make the cash you want to! Everyone wins! Your clients can change their lives with your products and services and your life will be changed because more money will roll in! BINGO! 

This past Saturday Alan and I went out to run some errands.

First stop, Kohls. I needed some great cutting knives for in the kitchen… been cooking a lot lately! Spaghetti squash, acorn squash, and apples for applesauce. Yummy! Fall is here and I LOVE to cook, freeze and even can some of these yummy foods when I am able!  So we got some knives, I was stopped by some cute jammies ( A girl can never have too many pink pairs of jammies in flannel!) and then THIS hit me square in the face!

Staring in front of me was a new gift card on the rack by checkout. I stood there and shook my head, "No kidding!" flew out of my mouth.  Alan looks at me with that peculiar, "Did you just get a marketing download?" on his face and I proceeded to explain why Facebook Credits in gift card format in a local store was HUGE for online vendors, stores, marketers and more!

Our economy is impacted by two things when it comes to the online marketplace- how fast can I purchase without having to think and how fast can I pay. Instant payment changes everything! Remember that…

There's a psychology involved in doing marketing on social media. You need to understand that making  millions through social media marketing alone does not happen because you slam your products in front of an audience and bombard them with messages to buy buy buy!  It requires that you understand the basic elementals when it comes to online commerce.

Principle #1- You better know your client better than you know your product. Being able to Read Minds is not a game, it's something you must do. I help with that, in my newest book, "Read Their Mind: How To Hear What The Marketplace Wants And Build A Huge Business." You can get your copy for free, today, on any digital format! 

Principle #2- You better look like all the other successful websites out there, gone are the days when eye-sores prosper. But on top of being in a 'format' that is like the top businesses online, i.e. WordPress, you need to be so unique, different and something that people can't forget even if they tried. So… be on a platform that people are very comfortable in, such as WordPress, and be friendly, kind, the person they can relate and connect with in such a unique way that people will be hard pressed to forget you even if they WANT to forget you!  (Editors note- trust me this is true. There is a risk, the people who don't like you, want to criticize what you charge, how you look, what you 'meant' by that statement and more for some ungodly reason why unsubscribe if you're super unique, because they can't, they can't get away from you! Be cautious, this works, so be prepared!) 

Princple #3- Make it super easy for me to buy. Make it so that I don't have to think! Consider studying places like Amazon, Apple and QVC for more on this info. These are top marketing giants. Anytime I hear someone criticize them I want to spank them and say, "Will you stop ruining your future and get teachable!?" 

If I come to your store and on the top of your site you have a LONG disclaimer and a terms and conditions statement staring me in the face, trust is not what I'm thinking of here. I'm thinking you are terrified to take my payment are attempting to cover your behind and won't be looking out for me as a consumer.

However, if I come to your website, you are warm, you are inviting and you are speaking my language, I'll gladly trust you because everywhere I search online you appear to be trust worthy. 

I've been working online for 14 years.

The reality is this, if you are going to run a business, you have to be a MASTER at the task. You need to know your ideal client more than you might even know yourself! You need to know how they think, how they process, what they do for fun, what they worry about and what it's their journal! This might sound odd, but you need to be able to read their mind before THEY even read their mind. Study them, serve them with a wide open heart and don't get into business only for yourself, get into business to change the world! This is how you do it!

You're also going to need to be different. Sure, you don't need to have pink hair but you do need to be nicer, funner, more generous, answer emails fast, be real on social media and you're going to have to be able to serve people at a level that the other 98% business owners wouldn't dare if you want to survive.

Then…. watch what happens with payments.

It is my belief that both the Facebook Credits and the Apple ID will become a first-choice method of payment. I've been line since Paypal first opened. I was one of their first accounts! Memories of money being lost, transactions not occurring on time and other nightmares are still fresh in my mind. I kept my account and still use it today…. many many years later. I remember vividly when people said it wouldn't last, people won't trust it. Now?  People use it on their Smartphones like it's candy with anyone! Making payments easy is important as a business owner.

Have the merchant account you operate with secure and dependable. Give great follow up and client care. Then, serve people in a way that makes your competition run away crying! This is how you succeed online in a world that is changing faster than the weather.

Coming soon- We're share with you how to create OFFLINE marketing that impacts your ONLINE real estate and how we were able to make $10,000 in marketing turn into $200,000 in profits really quickly doing just that. Stay tuned in an upcoming issue of Sandi's Marketing Science Lab!