PR: Best-Selling Author and Online Business Coach, Sandi Krakowski, Offers Free E-Book Downloads For a Limited Time


Online marketing and business coach, Sandi Krakowski, is offering her best-selling book, "Read Their Mind: How To Hear What The Marketplace Wants And Build A Huge Business" as a free e-book download through November 10, 2011.

October 14, 2011 — E-book savvy business readers can download Sandi Krakowski's best-selling book, Read Their Mind: How To Hear What The Marketplace Wants And Build A Huge Business for free for a limited time.


Good through November 10, 2011, the free e-book is available to Kindle, Nook and iPad users.

It is also available in a free PDF format during this same promotional period. 


Sandi Krakowski is known internationally as the online business coach with the funky pink hair. Never one to stay to the sidelines, Krakowski wrote the book in an effort to help business owners connect with their customers.


"The goal is to create results. The only way to do that is to create clients who are loyal, eager and ready to do business with you. This book shows exactly how to do this, flawlessly and honestly," said Krakowski, Founder of A Real Change International (


In Read Their Mind: How To Hear What The Marketplace Wants And Build A Huge Business, Sandi Krakowski guides readers through the clutter of social media, e-commerce, websites and the internet to get back to the business basics of listening to and understand your customer's needs and wants.


"Once you learn to speak your customer's language it's as if you are reading their minds and they will flock to you. By simply changing the words you use to communicate with your customers, you will connect with them in a completely new manner and take your business to the next level. I'll teach you what those words are, when to use them and how to apply them to grow your business," explained Krakowski.


About Sandi Krakowski and A Real Change:
Sandi Krakowski, CEO & Founder of A Real Change International, LLC, ( is known for her flair and insight as a business coach. Having previously owned and run several million-dollar plus businesses, she now focuses her efforts hosting seminars and offering online marketing coaching sessions to business owners looking to duplicate her success.


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