Never Outsource Your Voice!

By: Sandi Krakowski

"Hi, I'm so and so and I'm the Editor and Publisher of So and So online business. It's great to talk to you today!"

The screen had text across it on a flash video.

There were no faces, just words.

Not too uncommon in this age of video marketing…. but that voice. "What?!" that was my first thought.

Having been a subscriber of this so and so online publication for quite some time I was standing there shocked at what I was seeing. The voice was not the person it was claiming to be. As a matter of fact that voice was used in more than a half a dozen places through another company I had been very familiar with.

Puzzled, I sat there trying to grasp the intent. I guess it wasn't that big of a deal, maybe I'm just too anal retentive when it comes to one's business online voice. But then something really strong began to rise up in my belly and it said, 

"NEVER outsource your voice."

I began to consider the words I just heard. Never is a strong, all inclusive, no exceptions position. Never. Wow. Never… 

You can outsource a lot of things, but outsourcing the connection you make on an audible, visual and written level with your customers and clients must not be done.

When I asked my followers on Facebook and Twitter what they thought of this they felt it would make one look deceptive, unprofessional, weak. Some said that they would lose trust if someone did this. Others asked why anyone would even do this. Some gave critical insight into the fact that some business owners are so insecure that if someone suggested this, they would think it was no big deal. Note: These were customers, my ideal clients, giving this input. They all thanked me for not doing this. 

So what do you do if you are afraid to speak through video or a recording?

Imagine if you will you start out a business and you're a little intimidated by the presentations other people do. So you're tempted… maybe it would be best to have someone else speak on your behalf.

Have you ever felt this way? Don't worry, you're not alone… but here are a few guidelines for what you can and shouldn't outsource when it comes to your "voice".

The Importance Of Your Voice

1. Your Voice Speaks To Your Customer  When You Are Not There

When people hear me on my videos, teleclasses, webinars and Monday night calls, they are making a connection with me. When your clients are listening to you, they are 'getting accustomed' to you. This connection must not be broken. 

The subconscious mind is a very sensitive thing. If you 'plant' an audible voice into my head with one of your audios, I will forever come to expect that voice anytime and any place you show up. This connection must also not be broken.

Your voice is speaking to your customers when you are not there. Be very careful that it is crystal clear. 

2. Your Voice Builds Trust

It is my belief that all human beings desire to trust. This is why there are so many people who are broken and messed up. I was one. In a very deep way. Trust is something we all crave after and seek. But we also know it doesn't take too long before trust is broken. Your customers are the same way. 

Sadly, this is one of the most skeptical times in history ever recorded. Copywriters, marketers and management teams alike will tell you people are tired of being fed a fraud. They are second-guessing, more doubtful and really are on guard more than ever before.

Your voice, my friends, is an audible representation of who you are. Diana, one of my followers on Facebook, stated this and it blew me away. It was spot on! It is your energy, your vibration, it is unique and unable to be copied exactly. It is Y-O-U and you were given this ability and gift so that your unique blessing would impact the world. Let your customers come to trust you and you'll never lack in business.

If more business owners were mindful of this it would create trust at a deeper level and set themselves apart in business.  

3. Your Voice Is Followed 

Dogs aren't the only ones seeking a voice to follow. If your voice is a deep spirit to spirit connection with others doesn't it make sense to bring your best effort forward? Some of us need to invest into getting better writing skills. Others have to learn how to convey a topic in a way that is easily understood through speaking. Still others have to get past the fear of video and realize that no matter what they look like, people will connect with the sincerity of who they are.

Think of Susan Boyle! Amazingly powerful and influential woman who at first glance didn't seem as such. Her voice could never be outsourced! When your customers 'hear' your voice through emails, then 'continue to hear' your voice in your blog posts, later 'hearing you in their living room as they read your book and daily 'hearing' you through social media it is imperative that you give them a trustworthy, honest voice to follow.

Maybe the person doing the video I saw didn't even think this deeply. Maybe they've never even considered how critical one's "voice" is in this day of marketing and the internet. But you my friends are aware and can now live in the highest level of integrity. 

As you can see it is critical you not outsource your voice. You can, if you must, have someone speak on your behalf, pointing towards you, but you must not ever have someone else say, "This is your-name" when it is not.
Stay true to who you are and you'll have hundreds of thousands who listen, trust and follow you forever!
With love,
Sandi Krakowski
sandi krakowski