dave ramsey and sandi krakowski

Why You Should Blog About What You Love

Think about it. If you don't blog about what you love, what will you blog about and how long can you continue blogging about it without losing your mind? Doing work you love is one of your greatest ambitions in the world of blogging and running your own business. So why, I ask again, would you blog about things you don't love?

Maybe this is why you do it…

Because you want the highest SEO. Hmmm, that's an interesting answer and I bet some of you said that. But imagine this? If you blog about what you love and you use words people commonly use in the realm of what you love and you build an entire business around this thing you go crazy for…. wouldn't your SEO have the highest ranking possible? Yes it would.

Because it's what the market wants.  Please, I beg of you. Don't start a business blogging and serving on a topic the market wants that you don't love. I'll say it again, if what you're doing is done simply to make money and offer the world what they are demanding but you don't personally love it, quit now. That's foolish. Do what you love, in a way that is so unique and so personally "you" that whenever people see you, read you or listen to you, they want MORE. That is market penetration and engagement at it's finest!

You'll make more money. Let me break this to you gently, you might make money initially blogging about something you don't love but you'll never make scalable and sustainable profits doing something you don't love. Money loves speed, it's attracted to that which is alive! I'm not kidding… and it will follow you in your business pursuits more quickly if you stay true to who YOU are.  

I love business and have been doing it for 17 years.

I write about 'in the trenches, down and dirty, powered by faith and pulling up my bootstraps' BUSINESS. With a past that shocks some psychiatrists and a passion for life that restores their faith in God, my story of being gang raped, raised in a home that was what nightmare novels resemble, building a business online when I didn't know a thing and becoming a millionaire with good ole fashioned hard work causes many of our readers to say they can't wait to see the next thing we'll release. It's alive. It's real and it demonstrates a PASSION that others want.  

Blog about what you love. That's your first business assignment.

The picture above was from my amazing day at Dave Ramsey's office. What a blessing he is to the world and a gift to those of us who want to stay true to who we were designed to be!  

With love,

Sandi Krakowski  

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