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How To Become A Millionaire, Change The World, Give Away More Money Than Most Make & Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Far too many people in our world are trying really hard to do two things that are very wrong and won't change the world, let alone create the life of wealth and freedom they desire. These two things are: Becoming really good at a lot of things or becoming really good at something they suck at.

Ok, I'm sorry if that last statement and word choice bothers you, but love me enough to keep reading.

The only way to really become powerful is to get really masterful at one thing.

Power is what will give you leverage to help those who cannot help themselves. It will get you into places you could never go to (nor would you be invited to go to) if you are just mediocre. Power is something that God can use so that you can get things done that so many other people just whine about. But power doesn't come from trying a million things and giving up half way along the way.

Mastery takes time. 

Mastery takes courage.

Mastery means you'll learn to ignore a lot of people who are living mediocre and you'll learn to seek out those who are not.

Mastery means you can tell the difference between someone with a big ego and no skill and someone who is genuine, whole, filled with power, expertise and mastery!

Mastery means you'll fail a lot on the path to success. You'll wipe off your own wounds, pick up your own pieces, give yourself a pep talk everyday and you won't expect anyone else to do it for you.

My advice for you today if you are SERIOUS about making a real change in the world is to become so masterful at one thing, just ONE THING, then no one can touch you.

Do your time. Do it everyday. Do it twice a day. Eat, sleep and drink your mastery! 

And above all things, in your mastery, partner with the Master, the King of Kings, Jesus Christ and your life will never be the same.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

sandi krakowski