It's FRIDAY!!!
Funny, in the corporate world Friday is the day you look forward to… so you can GET out of there!  But when you're building your dream online, in a business you own, ironically, there are very few days you wish you could get OUT of there! Typically… as our clients start making more money, we have to teach them to just 'take some time off' to play hard and enjoy life…. because they LOVE what they do and they COULD do it everyday, all day! HA!
Let me ask you a very personal question… and please know my heart, I want to help you succeed.
Are you making the kind of money you had hoped for in business?
There are a lot of 'coaches' and gurus out there, who aren't even making money themselves yet position themselves as the #1 expert of this and the #1 resource of that. I don't know about you but I ONLY want to work with people who are living the life that I hope to achieve! Not someone playing an 'ego' and pretending until they finally make it.
In less than 2 months I'll be spending two full days with a group of people who have made a commitment to their future. Will I see you there?
My goal in life is to help others have what we have achieved. Period.
However that works out for you is your deal! If you want to give your money away to charity, that's totally cool. If you want to go to Maui 4-5 times per year and pay cash for everything, that's awesome too!  Maybe you want a big $ 50,000 ring on your hand to show that you are worth it… I love that as well!
But when push comes to shove if you aren't doing the steps you need to, the income WILL NOT come in.  We have a proven track record that is not on trial for helping people reach their financial and personal goals. Will you be next?
Let me introduce you to Jen Bennett… a Ruby client of mine.  She was going in ONE direction and just recently discovered that the plan that GOD called her to was being a full time Social Media Consultant! I am so darn proud of her I had to tell you about her today…
A young Mom who has struggled with a "ministry and poverty" mindset for a long time who GOD has called and anointed for business, to make a LOT OF MONEY…. has changed her direction!  Woohoo!
This is a gal who has a college degree, is super smart, cares about people and can GET the job done!
I introduce to you the next up and coming Social Media Content expert!  She'll be in TX in case you wanted to hire her for your own business, so you can do what you're great at.
Are you willing to make a change so you can BE successful in all areas of life… financial, spiritual, personal and physical?
Things will never change until YOU do. I want to help you get there.
Meet me in Dallas, TX March 31 and April 1st. What do you have to lose?  Maybe your struggles, fears, the broke mindset you've been battling since you were very young?  Bring your family with you!! Make it a time when you, your spouse, your older children are completely CHANGING THE DIRECTION of your entire future.
I'm ready if you are!
With love,
Sandi Krakowksi
P.S. We are so committed to your future that if you come to this event and it is NOT what you thought it would be, and you think there is no way you'll ever be able to be the successful person you deserve to be, just ask for your money back.  Then you can rest knowing that at least you gave it your best. No questions asked.
But here's my question for you …. what if you DON'T attend and YOUR answer is in Dallas, TX?