Abs anyone? How to get yourself and your business FIT!

By: Sandi Krakowski


Where do the STRONG go when they get hit hard? They head in a direction that will make them stronger.

Many of you know that back in October of 2011 I was hit HARD with a recurring flare of my Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis that hasn't shown it's ugly face in more than 7 years…..

and many of you have read in our Emerald Newsletter how I changed my diet, began to live strong and become the person God designed me to be in a whole new way! And am in remission! WOOHOO!

But there's a side to this story that I haven't talked about yet…. and that is how fitness affects your business.

As one who has worked online for the last 15 years from my home, built 11 successful companies and has recently built the BIGGEST company we've ever had our hands on in the last 2 years…. I know FIRST HAND how the "Internet Marketing Butt Syndrome" can make you less than what you had hoped your success would be.

I am going to be 48 years old on March 4th and will celebrate this date for some BIG reasons I'll be sharing in upcoming weeks… but today, I want to see if I can shake a few people OUT of their slumber!

Yes, I am a bossy person when it comes to goals, and for good reason! I CARE about YOU!

My private coaching clients will tell you first hand that I am not interested in coaching anyone to build a successful business at the risk of losing their life, health or relationships. NO THANK YOU!

I've been known to turn down coaching clients because I see them going in a destructive path and they refuse to change their ways.

Now that might sound harsh, but when someone tells me they are exhausted, they're not spending time with their family, their health is caving in and they know that if they 'just push harder' in their business it will all work out, I have a MORAL and ETHICAL obligation to stand in their tracks and shout, "STOP THIS!"

I'm sure you can guess that this hasn't made me the most popular and sadly, it has caused some people who really enjoy their destruction to say somethings that aren't very nice…. but the truth of the matter is this: God did NOT CALL ME to lead people in business and just be silent when they are ruining their lives or going on the wrong path. He called me to lead.

As a leader I want to encourage you to make some hard decisions this year. THIS year. NOW.

This means that it's time to STOP PLANNING and start moving.

My head coach and partner in our 2012 coaching program has a saying that is on my office wall, "To constantly plan and map things out is oftentimes an excuse for not taking action." PJ McClure hits that bull's eye right where it hurts! To constantly plan out your business, map out your marketing plan and to continue to plan and map but never take action ……creates failure.

Procrastination can get like a narcotic drug if you're not careful. It becomes the "pill" we swallow because we are fearful of what MIGHT BE if we DID do what we know we should. It numbs the pain…. we put it off… it numbs… and we put it off again.

I can personally understand this battle …..as a woman in business it's not always the most popular or accepted place to be hugely profitable, successful AND beautiful in the direct response marketing world. We've made huge strides in corporate America for women business owners but for some odd reason, the internet marketing world is STILL filled with mostly men.  There's an area that needs A REAL CHANGE. For a long time  I held back…… and then I said 'NO MORE." How about YOU?

Are you willing to set yourself apart and make the change you know you need to take?

I am serious about YOU becoming FIT in all areas of life!

Listen, I didn't get these abs years old by magic…. no, it happened with GRIT and hard work! Those arms didn't just POP OUT OF NO WHERE….  and I've love an opportunity to show you how this happened… so, first steps first.

Are YOU ready for the best 2012 you can create?

YOU are 100% responsible for you.

I am 100% responsible for ME!

If you are ready to follow me on this journey, let me know below!!! 

Let's create A REAL CHANGE in all areas of life together.

Post a comment below!

Are you ready to get FIT in all areas of life and work with me and my team in 2012 for YOUR BEST LIFE EVER?

Post below and let me know!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski