I get it. You were at a Christmas party with relatives, doing your best to #BeMore and make a difference, and before you know it, YOU were the center of the conversation. It wasn’t good. People were asking you why you are still chasing your dreams and before you knew it, everyone was discouraging, negative and you wanted to run away!

I’ve been there. Nearly every holiday gathering for many years, this would happen. Then when I started writing for some public magazines and it became OBVIOUS I was not changing my tune, I was not going to listen to ‘their advice’, relatives stopped telling me to give up on my dreams. They realized, I was serious. Even after making more than $10 million dollars in business,  I still had some cantankerous people in my life who were always wondering when my bottom would fall out. Well, it never did. I’m still here…… and I’m glad I didn’t listen. 

Listen, it’s your life and YOU gotta live it how YOU wanna live it.

In everything you do today, do it with purpose and passion. Don’t feel guilty when you decide to turn down a meeting, a ‘minute to connect’, an email, text or DM, when you know the person giving the invite really isn’t in alignment with your purpose and goal. Smile and move on. Be kind and go the other way.

You’ll never get anywhere trying to please everyone. 

It’s time to step up and take an account for every hour, every dollar and remember, it all adds up.

As I coach small business owners, I see an enemy rising up that is destroying their potential for success. This enemy robs a business owners bank account, it takes the steering wheel of their goals and completely goes down the wrong road. It destroys families, can make the body sick and last, but definitely not least, will usurp authority over all God gave and make you a slave. Comparison and people pleasing are your enemy!

It starts with a thought. Who we agree with. What we partner with. Paranoia is a pathetic excuse for working hard. Being super afraid you’ll never measure up, get enough done, go far enough will not motivate you to the right goals in life. Skepticism is a pathetic answer to taking risks cautiously. It won’t lead you to making wise decisions, avoiding the right things. It will cause you to hold back, sit tight and will make you WEAK, in the end.

In everything you do today, do it well. Do it full on, in faith. Lay aside fear and press through. Success never happens because someone was cautious. Oftentimes, what the world sees as reckless was an entrepreneur and a dreamer pressing into the things God gave them to do. Don’t compare yourself with people who aren’t building a business or chasing their dreams. Don’t let Aunt Mary and Uncle George who have been faithfully serving the union disrupt your business goals because they think YOU should stay put and seek security in a corporate position. STAND FIRM. Love them, but ignore them. 

The decisions and actions you make today are writing your future. Write it well, my friends. Take that risk, stretch yourself and go the extra mile. Don’t settle, quit adjusting yourself so no one feels threatened by you. Be powerful!

It’s time for you to #BEMORE! 

With love,