"How Did We Get Here And Will You Be Ready For The Shift Coming?"

I was playing with my little kitty Chanchita today. I rescued her last year when she was only 1.5 lbs. She's very unique. She's doesn't really meow, she chirps and semi-meows as she talks to you. And she talks a lot! (Yes I know they say pets mirror their owner! Ha!) Her little body is a whopping 8 lbs and she's full grown. With little tiny legs she can't jump onto counters so she climbs onto any nearby chair or table or anything she can to get up high. She's a forever kitten, teeny tiny but powerful! 

As I was rubbing her belly and her face, which she absolutely LOVES, I wanted to do a video! I wanted to show the 1.8 million people who follow me on social media! Share the joy, show you what I see behind closed doors at 7 am in the morning when I'm in my home office, praying, talking to God and getting distracted by kitty kitty. 

How did we get here? Where it's a normal part of our culture to want to share every little thing happening in our personal lives with complete strangers we call "friends" on social media? Where our world is more deeply connected than ever? Studies show that social media hasn't made us less connected, more distracted and separated as a people- it's actually made us quite the opposite. We are more connected than ever!

25 years ago I would have taken pictures of baby girl kitty and saved them in a box for my personal memories. A few years later I might have made a scrapbook, if I was the crafty type! By the way I was thrilled when photos being saved online started because I was no good at getting my photos developed or making books of memories! I'm not very crafty and I tend to get too distracted for all that stuff. But taking a picture of my kitty and my food and my life and my hair and my friends and my coffee and everything else in between? Yes. I love that! I can do that.

Things are shifting every single day. Social Media changed how we do life, business, memories and relationships! My son met his favorite girl on Facebook! 

Be ready for the shift! 2015 holds so much opportunity. Don't get stuck. Don't hold back. If there's ever been a year to #BEMORE it's now!!!!!!! I'm telling you…. My friends….. It's NOW. 

(I'm so sorry I didn't make the video of baby girl! I got distracted writing you! But here's her sweet sweet picture!)

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski