Hope For Tomorrow, Strength For Today

This generation is at a pivotal time. Things are shifting. The heavens are leaning in and angels are watching…. and God is moving and shifting things in ways we've never anticipated or expected. Will we be ready?

Hope for tomorrow and strength for today is found in Jesus. It is entirely, completely and always found in Him. His love is faithful. His grace is true. Through the years He's always been there and He will always be.

The single greatest tragedy in the people of this generation is a lack of prayer. A rush… a hustle…. a pushing forward, without stopping to just BE. The link to heaven is the hope for the world. How we connect with God. Living THROUGH Him and not for Him. Great is His faithfulness. We can't perform our way forward, we can't make the things of heaven happen here on earth, apart from Him. But oh.…. the things that can be and will be when we lean in. When we press in. When we lay aside our best plans and rise up in all that He is through us.

He's always been here, and He is leaning toward us today. I make a fresh committment to pray more, to stay more and to live in the presence of heaven. In my work, I want to live in heaven. As I work, I want to partner with heaven. I want to live in a prophetic realm where angels dance and sing and all the answers I could ever need pour out like a waterfall, ever flowing, always available.

Prayer… worship… rest. These are power tools for the Champions who will be brave enough to stand and live in freedom! The world needs a revival. They need refreshment. They're struggling, groping and seeking for something to change.. for something to shift.

2015 is a pivotal time and all of heaven stands waiting. I want to #BEMORE! I dare you to join me. LEAN IN!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski 

Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE