I woke up this morning at my typical time, ready to work out with my personal trainer. 4:45 am the alarm went off and at 4:50 am I was in the kitchen pouring some fresh water, ready to hit the day.

Once the coffee was made, and my second glass of water poured, I headed to my office to talk to God. Everyday is better when I talk to Him before I talk to anyone else. My spirit has been restless lately. Thousands of people we serve, hundreds of thousands. Coaching clients, consulting appointments to get to. Pressing in as I write my book. All good. Such a blessing. Never a burden. But my heart is restless for the only One who satisfies.

I logged onto Facebook to see if I needed to delete anything off of my page, as there's always someone we need to bless, block and move on from. And then I saw that Kim Walker Smith had posted her newest album just 3 hours before.

Because I'm a huge fan of hers and have been led through paths unknown by the lyrics she writes, I instantly went and bought it. On my iPhone is every song she's ever sung. Alongside of her music are hundreds of others who carry me through the journey that God has designed.

Then I heard it.

"Unstoppable Love."

"Tried to stop Your love, and You would wage a war. Tried to take the very thing You gave Your very life for. You would come running and tear down every wall! All the while shouting, "My love, YOU are worth it all!

God you pursue me… with power and glory, unstoppable love that never ends."

My heart broke free.

Tears began to flow.

I ended up on the floor weeping and weeping and receiving. Such precious rain He gives to a dry soul. To be honest with all of you reading this article, it's my favorite place on earth to be. It's not a stage that I long for. Sometimes stages bother me. It's not the connections on my Facebook page, or my Twitter feed. Sometimes the chatter gets overwhelming and the voices get too loud. No, the sweetest place for me is in His presence. 

In His presence is fresh rain and it's what keeps me going.

It's the rain that has healed me countless times when the doctors said 'We don't know what to do from here."

It's the rain the lifts my hands when I can't lift them on my own.

His unstoppable love is what pursues me and His unstoppable love is what empowers me, gives me vision, gives me hope and compels me to DO IT AGAIN!

To go to the ones God has sent me to, encouraging, lifting up, bringing a kind word, offering help, serving, loving, caring.

It is HIS unstoppable love that makes me relentless to make a real change in this world. It's in His presence that I gain courage, grace and power to love all the faces, to really feel their pain, to see beyond their profile and pray into their destiny. It's His unstoppable love that makes it more than a Facebook, Twitter or InstaGram connection, but a deep well of a desire to really impact one person, everyday.

Fresh rain. It makes things grow.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski