Do More Of What Makes You Happy

Where's Your Focus?

When you start your day, where is your focus? Do your thoughts go to everything that you lack, are struggling with and don't know what to do? Focusing on your problems? Or are you seeing all God can give? 🙂

When we watch a child, it's amazing to me how resilient they are!

We need more resilience!

Children can fall down, scrape their knee, scream like they have been dismembered and need surgery…… and in a few moments, with the tender kisses of a loving parent, will be off and on their way! There are things to explore, things to take apart, dreams to be chased and invisible creatures to imagine!

Today, as you go to work, build a company, build a ministry or whatever it is you've set your hands to be, watch your focus.

Our mind and our body are designed to be VERY resilient. God did not create us to cave so easily. Life can be hard. Things can get very difficult. But the ability to BOUNCE BACK like a Weeble that won't fall down is built within the fabric of every heart.

It all starts with our focus. Do MORE of what makes you happy today. Give yourself even 30 minutes to dream and write it down. Have lunch in your car at a park. Who cares if it's raining! Be adventurous and pay attention to what the animals are doing in the storm. SHIFT your focus.

When challenges come, stop, drop and roll! Kind of like you were taught at school in a fire or dangerous situation. STOP right where you are at. Drop to your knees (even if only in your mind). Ask God for help. Then ROLL! Roll on with what is before you!

See the cup half full. Try new options. Change your environment. PRESS THROUGH. Do whatever it takes and don't be afraid to take risks.

You've got 24 hours. Don't make the most of it, make IT the most!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski