Are you terrified of public speaking??!!

Have you dreamed of becoming a public speaker? 
If you have a gift from God to be a public speaker, let me help you to realize what you WILL experience as you walk through the walls, fear & the voices that have hindered you for years:  
You'll feel like you're going to throw up! Every time you think of speaking, even on a phone call with people, you'll feel nauseated, your mind might feel blocked and you might even feel a thickness in your throat. 
You'll hear voices in your head and your heart that deny the calling of God on your life. That is for SURE a true sign you are called to this. 
People will tell you things like, "Well just start small, everyone starts small."  Or maybe your best friend, spouse or someone who truly loves you but has never stepped into their destiny might say something like, "Are you sure? I mean you struggle to even talk at family events."  
Then your finances will speak to you. "How on earth can you put on an event for people, you can't even afford your own mortgage!"
If that isn't enough…. circumstances will start to talk to you, "You're in a wheelchair, do you really think anyone wants to hear a public speaker in a wheelchair?" 
Or maybe a handicap isn't what the enemy is using (which by the way is a LIE from hell because I LOVE hearing people speak from wheelchairs, they kick my booty and my unbelief and empower me!).…maybe the enemy is using every time you tried to do a webinar, a teleclass, you tried to speak at that small group and you cancelled it. You gave up. You didn't sell any seats. You did a horrible job! 
He'll use ANYTHING HE CAN to remove your anointing and your calling! 
My friends… I beg of you.. FIGHT YOUR WAR!! This generation NEED TO HEAR the voices GOD has called to speak!!!!!
DOORS ARE OPEN NOW to 50 students in the FIRST EVER "A Real Change Speaking Academy"  !!
With love,
Sandi Krakowski