ENDURANCE…. it's the sign of a Champion!

Everyday someone asks me how to stay positive if their spouse or family is very negative. Easy- love them, just don't be LIKE them!

Get a good support system around yourself. If you're in a very abusive or dangerous situation, get OUT of that situation! Get good Godly counseling. BE all that God designed for you to be! Some of you may have to endure for a season. Be willing to endure so that your entire family could be changed! GO the extra mile! Be willing to endure for the sake of the entire heritage of your family.

I'm not suggesting you endure and suffer abuse, beatings or anything like that. No. But I am suggesting we stop using our family as an excuse for why WE are not living the FULLEST of life that God has called us to!

Missionaries suffer horrific situations and endure horrific environments for the sake of the gospel but some people I meet won't suffer even a bad morning with their family before they're mad at God and feeling sorry for themselves.

My friends, it's time we get some inner fortitude, we press through, we stop being so weak and we pay attention to WHO GOD SAID WE ARE and all He said we could do! We are so much more than we let ourselves be! We are so much more powerful than we're giving ourselves permission to be.

TODAY, make a commitment and you may even want to talk to God about it. Will YOU be the ONE who rises up so that others may know Him and also have a BETTER life! YOU could be the one who changes the world!  

Start at home first. I love you guys!

Sandi Krakowski