How many times have you asked yourself, What if it does work out? 

Seriously, what if all those dreams you’ve had actually start to come true and things start going your way? 

One of our biggest barriers to success is our tendency to prepare for failure. We try to protect ourselves from disappointment and to avoid expecting too much out of life. 

Do you realize what an insult that is to God? When we try to calculate how He is going to do what He said He can do, we are not really believing in Him. In fact, we are making Him smaller. 

But when we believe God for bigger and better, it is insulting to the enemy. When we couldn’t care less about how He does what He said He will do and just focus on doing our part, it gives God all the room He needs to blow our expectations out of the water! 

The power of expectation is incredible. Don’t worry! I’m not taking you down some metaphysical, new-agey, path. Expectation is something God wove into our very being. The power of expectation is a gift from God. It is hope, the promise, the faith He asked us to place in Him. 

Expectation is a double-edged sword. For the person who is always expecting failure and always expecting loss, they will find exactly that. The person who is always expecting things will come together and is always expecting favor will see those blessings in their life. 

Think about it: Children do not expect that Santa Claus will disappoint them (until some cantankerous adult who is stricken with skepticism starts to shoot down their dreams!) No! They lay out cookies! They believe! 

As we grow older we are almost groomed to doubt, to be skeptical. We become conditioned to think this is the way to protect ourselves so we will never be disappointed. We know the pain of disappointment and come to believe it is better to just suffer, to live in constant lack, and to struggle than to ever allow ourselves to hope that something might work out. We rely only on what we know we can do for ourselves. 

But deep inside of us, placed there by God, is a spirit of hope. It is a reminder of God’s promises—a knowing, a longing to expect more . . . to BE MORE. 

When we are full of doubt we attract reasons to support this belief. Then our brains go to work seeking failure. Change that. 

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

Expect More... Be More







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