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The two things I have been hearing God say over and over
are: (1) Punch fear in the face, and (2) Do hard things!
Fear is not a bad thing in and of itself. We are wired
with fear to protect us from danger. But when it is the
compass for our lives and becomes toxic it is no longer
useful. Fear actually becomes more harmful than the
danger we are alerted to.

When you feel fear taking control, punch it in the face,
kick it in the teeth, slap it, and tell it to shut up. Tell this
fear that God gave you discernment to know what you
really need to worry about and shut down the rest of it.
Then go on with your day.

It’s that simple. Say, “Shut up fear,” and move on. Part
of putting fear in its place is learning to do hard things.
You have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. You
have to confront things about yourself that are unpleasant.
You may have to do a little “bigger belief body building”
so you have the muscles to do it.

In my years of body building in the gym I discovered
you have to learn how not to be afraid of the push. It
is important to continually build on your routine, adding
more weight, more reps, and improving your form. The
same is true with our lives. In order to get to our goals
and reach our destinies we have to know when to push.
This can be uncomfortable, but it is so worth it. Once
it becomes a lifestyle, doing hard stuff doesn’t feel so
difficult. It feels pretty normal.

Every time we try to push ourselves to a new level, we
will encounter fear. If we want to accomplish big things
and have a life beyond our dreams, one of the hardest
things we will face is the fear that we don’t deserve
better or that every thing we are trying to build will come
crashing down around us. Break free from that fear and
do hard things so you can BE MORE.

Do hard things! In order to create the kind of freedom
you desire for your future, you will have to do hard
things now. Don’t give up! #BEMORE
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With love,
Sandi Krakowski