When was the last time you took time to rest, time to feel, time to open your heart so you can sense God all around you?

Life is filled with obligations and stresses, lists and chores, and it’s so easy to forget to take care of you, and you fail to let God Himself tend to your heart. You don’t necessarily need a week off; you might just need to give yourself a few minutes each day so you can find your WHY again in the midst of worrying about all the HOW.

In the middle of your calling, your ministry, your business, and your purpose, don’t forget to take the time to take time. Put your To Do list aside. Eat a meal a little bit slower. Put your feet up and rest awhile. Grab a blanket and lie down. You have to remember this one critical thing: YOU ARE IMPORTANT. You matter, and you need to take care of yourself.

God has so many incredible things He wants to pour into your life, and He wants to use you to bless others. You can’t be those things if you are weak and run down or distracted and discouraged. You are loved no matter what you’re going through. God has not and never will change His mind about you. He knows who you are, why
you were made, and the things He has planned for you.

Even if you make mistakes, if things fall apart, or if you find yourself caught between two rocks and four hard places, you will never be alone. Taking time to allow God to nurture your heart and restore you is essential for bouncing back from the difficulties and disappointments in life. It is what will allow you to do more and reach more people. A time of restoration and healing is what empowers you to fulfill that greater purpose.

Give yourself the gift of self-care. It isn’t selfish or self-absorbed to make sure your own needs are met. I mean, let’s be honest; who else is going to look after you, especially if you are the caregiver and nurturer in your family?

So, take time . . . to take time. Take time to BE MORE. Keep your priorities right and be here for the long haul. Say no when you need to and take action daily!

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