Sandi Krakowski Curly Hair

EMBRACING Naturally Curl Hair! My best hair tips:

Alot of ladies commented on my last photo on Facebook (I've posted here again) with curly hair. Yes, this is my natural curly hair. (and my color! Hahaha just kidding on the color) Here are some of the tips I can share with you that get rid of frizz, help you to enjoy your curls and will change the texture of your hair QUICKLY!! 


1- MOISTURE is what makes curly hair gorgeous.

The first thing I discovered a few years ago (even before I embraced my curls) is that you DO NOT need to use shampoo daily. I only use shampoo on my hair 1-2 times per week. For those of you who say that your hair would be oily and greasy? Typically, if you have curly hair you don't have oily hair and if you do, your curls LOVE the oil and moisture. Oil isn't what damages hair, makes it flat and unable to handle. What does that is cheap products, over use of products, hair that is addicted to cheap shampoo and other issues. When I use DevaCurl NoPoo 1-2 times per week (This is a shampoo like creamy conditioning lotion) my hair gets squeeky clean. Occasionally, a few times per month, I'll use LoPoo, which actually does lather. But the key to GREAT full bouncy curls is MOISURE. I use NoPoo 1-2 times per week and the other days I use the One Condition conditioner by DevaCurl in the shower and only rinse is 1/2 the way out. (Read through the curly hair book they sell, it will give you a lot of tips for rinsing. KEY: Don't rinse all of the conditioner out.) CURLY HAIR thrives on moisture. The more moist and full of rich great oils it can get, the nicer your curls will be.

2- Get rid of frizz.

If my curls start to frizz or get dried out and aren't bouncy and nice, a few times per month I'll put raw coconut oil or argon oil on my hair. 1-2 Tbsp just rubbing it through my hair until it's all absorbed before bed. I might put a haircap on, most times, you can't even see or feel it. Use NoPoo in the morning. FRIZZ is caused by dry hair, hair that is overly processed. Too many curling irons, too many cheap shampoos, cheap conditioners without real oils make curly hair a NIGHTMARE. Good oil makes your hair shine. Cheap oils, fake oils, manmade oils make your hair flop, look greasy and they don't feed your curls. The more moisture your curls can get from good oil, the more bouncy they will be. 

3- Get a good diffuser.

I don't care for DevaCurls diffuser. I use a Revlon diffuser or a Xtava collapsible one. The key with a diffuser is to dry from the bottom of the hair up, scrunch as you go. Don't over dry. I know DevaCurl says to let your hair dry naturally, but I don't have that much time in the morning most days and I want my hair to look fresh and alive everyday. I use a diffuser about 3-4 times per week. I blow it half dry. I use so many great oils on my hair everyday with Deva Curl One Condition, that it's not drying out. DO NOT use a regular blow dryer. Dont try to scrunch your hair without a diffuser, it will frizz. Don't put the diffuser too close to your curls. The DevaCurl NoPoo plus the OneCondition and the Moisture Lock spray makes my curls bounce and look fantastic. PLAY with the DevaCurl products. You might need a foam, or a curl cream. Find your perfect 'cocktail'. Mine is the MoistureLock and  a little Curl volumizing foam. I say a little. TONS of moisture lock, a little foam. 😉 Too much foam and my hair frizzes or it gets too sticky. YOUR hair is unique. God made it that way. Try out your own curly hair cocktail. Test different DivaCurl products. But using a diffuser with a cheap shampoo, cheap fake conditioners, NADA, not gonna work. I've spent so much money on shampoos and conditioners and more, and found that DevaCurl is my answer. No, they aren't paying me to say this. HA! I should be one of their celebrity endorsers! 😉  

4- Be careful pinning, head bands, bands, scrunchies, etc with curls.

The more  you pull them, pin them, stretch them, band them, etc the more damaged they get. A few days per week I'll throw in a headband and not use a diffuser or get my hair wet. I'll spray in DevaCurl detangler and it makes it super soft again, just a light mist and let air dry. This is on days I don't have a lot of meetings, I'm working at home, on weekends. Give your hair REST as often as possible. Because I'm at my office 3 days per week and see clients, people, etc 3-4 days per week, the other days I'm going as 'easy' on these gorgeous curls as I can.

It took me about 2 months to really get my 'system' down. Give yourself time. Play with it. If I accidentally over-diffuse or don't use enough conditioner (rinse out too much) I can tell. But I don't give up! I put more in, I add some coconut oil that day and remind myself, CURLS LOVE MOISTURE and OIL!!!!

5- If you color your hair like I do, then use even MORE oil and more moisutre.

My hair is alot of my brand. I own a corporation and people always comment on my hair. So I color mine alot. I love coloring my hair. So I'm not ignorant when I do that. I know it will demand I use a good blow dryer, a good oil, good hair care system. With curls? That is even MORE important.

6- Use a good blowdryer!

I have a Super Solarno blow dryer, the red one. About 4 years ago I read that blow dryers are 90% of the success of your hair style. WOW they weren't kidding! I've used the same one now for 4 years. If you can't afford one yet, ask for it for a gift, pinch your pennies, sell your junk on eBay! Getting a good blow dryer makes a world of difference! 

Embrace your curls!

Sandi Krakowski