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Donald Trump For President And Running Your Business

By: Sandi Krakowski

In a recent interview, Donald Trump made a bold statement saying that our nation can only be rectified and brought back on track if someone runs it like a company. Now before you think I'm going to go on a trail of telling you what to do in your political decisions, rest assured, I'm not. But I do want to make a bold statement that dovetails Mr Trumps. It is my belief more than 90% of all New Business Owners need to hear:

In order to run a business you are going to have to run it like a business.

One of the saddest things I see on a daily basis is a new business owner who believes erroneously that certain activities are synonymous with running a business. Here's a list of some of these false beliefs.

1. When I purchase a distributors kit in a direct sales company– Upon purchase of your distributor kit, which now qualifies you for commissions if products are sold, you are not necessarily "In" business. You are only operating a business entity when you are marketing a product, receiving a profit and doing this over and over again. You'll know you're in business when you're paying TAXES on your income. 

2. When I put up a website-  Seeing this over and over again caused me to create a new company, A Real Change International, LLC. Far too many wanna be or new business owners believe that getting a website up means they are in business. This doesn't mean you're in business anymore than buying a french fry means you own a McDonald's franchise.

Let's glean from some of Mr Trump's wisdom on running our nation and let me see if it applies at all to you.

1. The art of the deal- In order to run our nation and get things going like they should do, we need someone in leadership who knows the art of the deal.

In your business, do you know the 'art' of the deal? Guy Kawasaki also says that the BEST skill he ever learned was the ability to sell. It doesn't matter if you like to sell, want to sell, care to sell or are passionate about selling. In order to have a successful business you MUST be able to sell. My speciality is in teaching everyday people who to sell with the written word through a website, email and social media. We must know the art of the deal.

2. We can't play golf when we're in a time of crisis- The person in leadership must be serious about the role of leadership. We can't be off playing golf or having fun when there are critical issues at stake. Japan is crashing and we're playing a game for relaxation? 

There is a time for relaxing, sipping wine, golfing and traveling. But there are also times when it is totally inappropriate and we must do the business at hand!

Are you out playing golf, hanging out at the coffee shop, or on Facebook Groups 'talking' about business when the act of BEING in business is what should be done? Are you talking to people who want to just take another vacation when NOW is the time to make a profit in your business? We must not be playing golf or playing around when we must be working hard.

3. We can't go slow on drilling oil- The situation we're in now in our nation demands we get off our behinds and begin finding places to drill for oil NOW! It's incredible we're not going fast and hard forward at this critical time. We have natural gas and we're not using it! What are we doing?

In your business are you slow to drill? Are you still trying to get all your ducks in a row and hoping one day you'll wake up and your business will be profitable? Do you have skills and talents for business but you're slow to move forward? Are you sitting on a natural resource that would propel your business forward but you're just going slow? 

Friends, please don't send me your political agendas and preferences. Let it be known and let it be written- I love President Obama. I loved President Bush. I admire Mr Trump and his wisdom ( not his hair but his wisdom)…We are commanded to love those in authority and it is my honor and privilege to do so. But this article is about the similar wisdom for business that Mr. Donald Trump gave us for running our nation.

Does any of this apply to you?

In closing, I'd like to say that as a homeschooling mother of 20 years who has run companies for 14 years my entire life is better managed when I do it like a company. It's lower drama, more fun, far more serious and long lasting. Do you need to run your business and your life, like a business?

Let's bring a REAL change to the world as a whole! Please share your comments with me below! I'll answer as many as I can personally!                                                                      


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