When we depend on the activities and decisions of another person, business or system to be our saviour we are seriously hanging by a thread

My life has been plagued with trials and tribulations. Abuse and confusion set in at a young age for me. I didn't come from 'stock' that would ensure me of success or doing things in any sort of extraordinary way. As a matter of fact if I were to settle back into the way that most of my relatives do life I would not be where I am at today.

It took great courage to go against the tide. Even greater courage to swim in a direction that was contrary to those who are very close to me. While I have many family members and friends who love me dearly and would do anything for me…our world views, our goals, our passions are all very different.

My dream is to own a $ 200 million dollar company, to provide jobs to many hard working people who are filled with a spirit of excellence, to rescue girls out of the slavery of the sex trade in the USA and abroad and to make a difference on this planet.

I have a passion inside of me that burns so fierce at times I have to temper it so I don't explode. Doing life in a 'common' USA way is like death to me. Just surviving in life is not my idea of normal. I have a dream and a vision and a mission for MORE.

Through the years I've met so many people who are just coping and making it. If they can make their minimum payments in life, on their credit card and in their relationships they figure they are doing ok.

Are YOU a Minimum Payment Type Person?


If I were to live my life in a minimum payment way I would have died 7 years ago when the doctors said they didn't know what to do and I was crippled with Lupus and bleeding in several areas inside of my colon. If I was surviving and struggling to live a 'minimum payment' type life I would have given up when I was gang raped at 19 years of age.

I believe that our lives are an investment portfolio. My only question for you is what the HECK are you doing with your investments?

Every day we encounter situations and circumstances that demand that we think and not coast. We are designed to survive and not sink. Yet so many people sink to the place where most common dwellers live….a status of just making it.

Your life is an investment portfolio.

Rehearsing how this person said that, I lost this relationship, I lost this money, my job is gone doesn't help anyone!

WAKE UP and RISE UP and DO what 2% of the world will NOT!

That my friend is where the sweet savor of victory lies.

Don't expect cheerleaders however on the side of road where victory dwells because 98% of the world will hate you for stepping over their line. You've stepped over the line of the majority. You've crossed the line of the average and while some might applaud, praise and even endorse your success… the sad reality is you now have become a threat.

Look at the recent stock crash and look where most of the investments came from. Were they held by millionaires who put all their money into a stock portfolio? No. It was most common to see the average person who earns less than $ 30.00 per hour hanging on by a thread hoping their stocks would pay off and bail them out of life as they know it.

A bail out doesn't save you, it can actually put you into a worse situation

When we depend on the activities and decisions of another person, business or system to be our saviour we are seriously hanging by a thread. Look at where the economy is now. The middle class is being eliminated and the average citizen is the first to complain about his plight. But the sad hard reality is no one forced anyone to be where they are at.

Please don't misunderstand me. I have empathy, have sown a lot of time and money into the poor in our nation and know their plight. They are those who need our help because they cannot help themselves. But that's not who I am talking about. I am referring to the middle class person who is in debt up to their ears financing homes bigger than 1/2 their income and praying someone will do something to bail them out.

I'm talking about the person who never takes action but just does the little that it takes to get by. They rarely give it their all because their all is so small in the first place.

This is a new season, this is a time for a select few to rise up. Will it be you?

Your life my friend is an investment portfolio and you are 100% in control of where the chips fall.

A champion does not roll over and cry when mistakes occur or tragedy comes. They get back up, take notes and fight stronger.

The heros of our day are not those who barely make it but they are those who make it against all odds, hopes and statistics. That is my story.

Take a good hard look at where your returns are today and see if you need to realign a few things. You have one life to live.. what you are doing with it?


   Sandi Krakowski      is a "Back To Basics Step By Step Business" expert who currently serves more than 102,000 clients in over 136 countries. Her systems help the average business owner as well as big corporations get extra-ordinary results quickly. She has a track record for her 'bringing it into action' processes that company owners find easy to implement with quick results. She has been working online successfully for the last 14 years.