Create JobsCreating Jobs And Impacting Others Through Business

By: Sandi Krakowski

I'd like to challenge you today to look beyond your own situation and circumstances and seriously consider what you could do to change the lives of people who need a job.

What if you began to think beyond your own desires and began to create into your business plan a map and a strategy so you could give others a chance for wealth too?

Let's go beyond vacations, bigger cars ….and let's look at a BIGGER reason for creating wealth- creating jobs.

When you have the power to create wealth you are also given the power to create jobs. But it will demand that you get beyond your own limitations so that others can get beyond theirs.

Imagine adding $ 5000 per month to your income goals so 2 people could work for you. Let's say you want to be a 6-figure earner, which would be a $8,500 per month income. By increasing your profits an additional $5000 per month you could personally be responsible for putting food on someone's table, bringing a Mommy or Daddy home to raise their kids and more.

Many times, as I'm coaching my clients, I find that their goals aren't big enough. Once we get beyond the limiting and impoverished beliefs they've been raised with, we begin to map into their goals for their business things like:

1. Pay $5,000 per month on payroll

2. Give away $ 5,000 more per month to charity

3. Invest $ 5,000 per month into their own education so they can continue increasing their wealth.

Sadly, many reading this article will say if THEY could just earn $15,000 per month for themselves they would be happy, let alone helping someone else. This is an impoverished and quite frankly, a selfish way to live. The fastest way to get to your own personal goals is to make the benefit of others your focus as well!

Our economy needs business owners who will seriously plan and prepare to create jobs.

  • Create entry way positions where young people can learn and be mentored.
  • Create flexibility in your company so that stay at home Moms can come work 10 hours per week if they 'd like.
  • Create a virtual business, as we have, that gives people from all over the world the option to work with you.

How far would you go if you begin to think beyond yourself?

It's time we stop depending on the federal government to bail us out of our troubles. The marketplace pays for value and we need to make a firm commitment to increasing our own personal value.

Being a business owner opens doors that many people will never walk through. You can speak to people who might not listen to leaders in other positions such as schools, churches and government.

It's time we got beyond just our own pursuits for increased income and we began to do whatever it takes to become the people God designed us to be, in business.

My friends, let's create A Real Change together!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

 Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Expert