Four Basic Principles Of Any Copywriting Project You Must Understand

By: Sandi Krakowski

If you want to write copy that sells, you must have the 4 U's in your copy, your focus and as your target for all aiming.

Common interest never propels people to buy, but only gathers curiosity. If we are in business, creating a profit, we must fix a problem. Every business has a problem they fix. Even a dating service fixes the problem of the pain of singleness.

So what problem are you fixing?

Here's the outline to follow when mapping out ANY Opt in Offer, sales campaign, business plan or social media campaign:

URGENT: You must have an urgent pressing problem that you are solving with your product or service. This can’t be a casual problem, something only you, the product creator, are passionate about. This must be something EVERYONE talks about, and especially something everyone ‘hates’ and doesn’t want to talk about!

Example: Weight loss. You are solving the problem with not being able to lose weight. You are solving this problem in a way that is unique and it is superior and it has proof. The problem is WEIGHT LOSS, the 4 U’s must answer this.

  Sick of laying down to pull up your jeans?  (This is a headline for the problem of skinnies that are suffocating!)

  Wearing sweatpants more than you like? (Answers the problem of guilt and not wearing one’s favorite clothes)

UNIQUE: Your solution must be unique, it can not be like everyone else or you will never win in the competitive world of business. If your solution is not unique don’t even BOTHER marketing it.

Your solution can be ‘similar’ to what is out there, but the way you deliver it is unique!Take GoGo Squeeze Portable Applesauce, for example. Is flavored, no sugar applesauce unique? No! You can find many. But the DELIVERY is the secret. It’s a brand of applesauce that I use often and carry in my purse! It won’t leak, it’s convenient and you can eat it without a spoon! That’s the winner! UNIQUE!

You must be so unique that when people see it they might not even read or care about your proof and they are already compelled to your useful and ultra specific solution and they BUY BUY BUY!

USEFUL: Show me proof. Show me as much proof as possible.. this is what your client or customer is begging for, although they might not know it.

Tell stories, tell testimonials, give documentation that is clear and concise and compelling!

Answer these questions and you’ll be running to the bank to pick up your cash-

Will it work for me?

Is it easy?

Can I do it?

If you can get your client ‘seeing’ themselves using what you offer, even if it’s a WordPress banner that really portrays their message, the sale is now closed! The credit card comes out and bam! SOLD!

ULTRA-SPECIFIC: I need to be so compelled that you are my ONLY answer that not only will I be doing business with you but I will tell every living breathing person I care about! I will bring referrals without being asked, I will mention you wherever I go! I will applaud you as the GO-TO person in your field!

Face it, if you’ve followed me for very long I have a very big mouth when I find a product or service provider I love! People have asked me if I’m a sales representative for some of these companies. That’s funny! I am not a consultant earning an income with any company at all, other than A Real Change International, LLC, the company I own.. but get this…

I have a network of over 1,000,000 people that when I speak, they LISTEN…with our email, offline, social media client lists combined, if I share something… I’ll create a result. This is also why I stop mentioning certain people, products or things if I no longer feel they are worthy of an endorsement before 1 million people- silence is golden.

This kind of ultra-specific endorsement, meaning I don’t care about other brands or offers, is what you’re after.

The 4 U’s are so forgotten by many bloggers. Don’t make this mistake. Do your homework and you’ll be hitting your financial goals this year!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski