The rules of engagement, commerce, relationship and boundaries have changed! Did you miss the shift?

During the last 15 years that I've spent in my career online building businesses, I have become aware of changes in how things are being done….. 

Initially the only way to build a business online was to build it like the BIG guys did. Then we went into a move of change where the focus became direct response strategies- the right words, the right push, the move of the copywriter dominated everything.

Then social media flat lined the boundaries, broke the stuffy corporate offices to pieces and relationship became the focus! Many people whined and snarled their way through… and big companies found themselves facing a new competitor they never thought would ever be stepping into their playground, let alone would know how! 

The "small business entrepreneur" was meeting the customer's deepest desires for a VOICE in the marketplace… and another massive shift took place.

Transparency became an issue many grappled with… what was too much? What was acceptable?

And the internet began to change again to what we now see.

HR Representatives would check social media first, before a resume. Marketing teams would watch the buzz, the tweets and the response before they studied the demographics of age, race and location.

My friends, 2012 is a year that is critical for your business! 

The conscious entrepreneur is becoming increasingly aware that capitalism is being motivated by more than just their desire to build a business….

God Himself is tearing down boundaries! He is demanding relationship, sustainability, accountability and LIFE done in business like we've never seen it before.

The playing field is level….. and one of the biggest moves to our economy is TAKING PLACE.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski