Work RULES! A book you need to read…. 

"Smarts and hard work are necessary but not sufficient for real success." says Laszlo Bock, the visionary head of Google's People Operations. In his new book "Work RULES!" he gives inside information to how Google created a company where work is meaningful, people are cared for and where they can't wait to go to work.

There's a shortage of companies today that people actually love to work for. As someone who leads small business owners everyday it might seem odd for me to recommend a book on how to build a great company and make work more meaningful for your employees, when most of my clients are trying to build their 'own thing'. Many people don't realize that these type of books are foundational to the success I've achieved. Reading books on how to build a great culture with your company, has often been my focus. This book did not let me down!

I've read a lot of books in the last year about leadership, team building and more. This book not only gave me great insights into how to be a better leader, create a great culture and a great company, he also gave me strategic insights into how to make my work, as the CEO of my organization meaningful. 

Talented people are attracted to Google because they empower their employees to change the world. I've made a lot of changes this year in my company to do the same. The first biggy was to take back my role as CEO, and to steer my company back in the direction I started in 2009. Getting a bit distracted last year, no, very distracted, listening to too many old school minded guys who thought I needed someone else to run my company while I went on to grow the brand, I soon realized that the heart and soul of what I set out to create would be best accomplished by me being in the front, running it. I also shifted our focus toward creating services where we are now working toward a goal of having one of the top rated Facebook Ad Agencies in the world. Lofty goal, yes. Achievable? Absolutely. The key will be the 'right people on the bus' as Jack Welch says. AND creating a place where people love to work.

Work RULES! gave me a much needed breath of fresh air and confidence with these new goals. Hiring the right people and creating a culture where people love their work and feel like they are doing something meaningful everyday, is my passion. Laszlo provides fresh ideas, and tried and true practices that any business owner who isn't satisfied with what they've created can take lead from. How to hire the best people, create a product that is the best in the world, change the way we look at work (considering it is where most people spend the majority of their week!) and building something that others can learn from as well. He reveals how all of these things are brought together as Google built what has been noted as, "The Best Place On Earth To Work."

Building a successful business requires more than just hard work and chasing the hustle. Talent doesn't create sustainability when everyone is miserable. When we get beyond focusing on 'who is leading' and 'what are people doing' we have to take a good hard look at HOW we are doing work. Do YOU love the work you do?

Breaking the rules and the mold is what Google is famous for. From the beginning, they've been listening to people to bring some of the best products the world uses today. The same philosophy holds true in house as well.

If you're looking for a fresh-take on leadership, management, team building, product creation, culture building and more, Work RULES! needs to be on your reading list for this quarter. You'll find the book here on Amazon. If you don't like to read, here's a tip- get the audio book! Listen as you drive, workout or do other mindless activities. Use your hours wisely and create something you can believe in! When you focus on more than just the money you want make, you'll step into a realm that births work that is meaningful. Your work can rule again! 

Sandi Krakowski






Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead