It happened right after they did the Facebook Developer Conference…… 

Did it happen to YOU too?

Your quote images no longer being seen? Your own personal Facebook feed is now filled with videos, news clips and things you have NO interest in seeing? What on earth happened?!

Now if you're a user of Facebook, you might already be PO'd by this change! What the heck have they done? They told us on the recent live stream and developers update that 'they' knew what 'we' wanted to see in our feed but now all I'm seeing is a bunch of videos and things I don't even care about! What the heck are these techies at Facebook doing?

If you're a BUSINESS person who has spent good time AND money to grow a highly targeted Facebook page and your engagement tanked in the last 10-12 days, I have some answers for you.

During the last week my team and I have spent thousands of dollars to test, retest, create, track, and watch the analytics on my own Facebook page with over 1 MILLION followers and the accounts that we're managing with our social media team. We made the shift to start serving businesses a lot more earlier this year and now we're managing several client accounts on the platform. SO! We have data, insights, content and more that we can get a really good case study from…. not to mention the hundreds of people in my Inner Circle group who have been also reporting back to me what has been happening on their pages!

If you want to know HOW to regain the engagement on your page, HOW you can do this without ads, WHY Facebook made some changes and HOW to beat them at their own change game, I can show you exactly what we discovered, how to shift things back in YOUR favor, how to use the changes for you own GOOD and how to get your business flowing again on your page!

Join my team and me in my Exclusive Inner Circle Private Coaching program, for $47 we'll show you what the changes were, how to fix them and we'll even spend over an hour answering your questions on a live call! If you wanted to consult with my team privately you'd have to pay more than $3000 but because the power of a group is in your favor, for this ridiculous fee you can talk to us live, get the info you need AND be off and running fast!

Join us! THIS MONTH in the Inner Circle for social media growth, selling and more!

Sandi Krakowski