Use Your Words To Create A Better Life

Right underneath your nose is a tool that is creating your future. Life and death is in the power of the tongue and we all will eat the fruit of our mouth. Are you using your words to create what you want or what you fear?

Let's say you are house shopping and you will be moving from one state to the another soon. I was talking about this to a friend recently. She began to tell me how hard it would be for someone to pay the rent on her mortgage, how things would be a big challenge because her family would most likely, with their upcoming move, have to pay for two mortgages for awhile. But her resolve was this, "Thank God we make enough money to pay them both!"  My answer to her is my answer to you today.

"Speak what you want to see and not what you fear happening."

She's a smart woman and she immediately shook her head in agreement! "WHY did I just say that!? I know that words are powerful and that walking in faith is what I should be doing.  My goodness, why do I always do that?"  I reminded her that we ALL do that. We all get stuck at times. I also find myself using my words in a way that is very counterproductive to the way I want to see my life unfold. Grace is what we fall on. No condemnation. No self hate or punishment. We're all learning. I reminded her to just say, "I surely didn't mean that! Yikes, that just reminds me of how I USED to think. God will make a way and we will find someone who will not only love our home, it will be an answer to THEIR prayers as much as it will be to ours!"

It wasn't always my habit to see the bright side, the cup half full or the hope in the situation. My skill in business is to find things that are broken and to fix them. To find things that people say can't be done and to do them. To create new pioneering methods for old patterns or processes. People pay me tens of thousands of dollars to rewrite their advertisements, redo their branding and rearrange their business plan. Finding leaks in profit systems is my core competency. Restoring and rebuilding broken pieces is my gifting in many areas of my life.

One of my first businesses in the 80's was running my own cleaning business. "Smiley's Cleaning Service" is what I called my enterprise. We cleaned houses and office buildings. It wasn't a big company but it did afford me the ability to take care of my son, be with him and make a good living after struggling on just a $5000 per year income as a single mother.

I could go into a house and find things that weren't cleaned properly instantly, woodwork that was being neglected, places other service providers were ignoring. If you haven't figured it out yet, order is one of my love languages! HA! It gives me great pleasure to go into a room, clean it out, throw out the junk and REFRESH it! Kind of like I do in businesses today.

But there's a problem. My natural state is to see problems first. I can be like Jason Bourne seeing problems and creating solutions. It's made me very wealthy and has given me the incredible opportunity to help others, create jobs and more. However…. problem finding is not a healthy way to live 24/7. Is it any small wonder my MOUTH was getting me into trouble? YIKES!

God had to teach me to be filled with hope, full of light. As He taught me to see the room CLEAN first and ORDERLY before I even began, not only did my prophetic giftings increase, but my words began to change. Facing health challenges, hard decisions in business, right AND wrong hires on our team and more, it now became my mode of operation to see where we were going and not just where we were. When bad things happened and life became a challenge, I could now see the problem and SPEAK the solution. Even with my recent hospital stay and cancelled Hawaii trip, I saw how God Himself was doing great things to give me wisdom and tools for what was ahead.

Your words are creating your life. Use them wisely.

SPEAK of the things you want to see. PRAY about the way you want it to go. See it in your minds eye before it even happens. Use your imagination like a child, everyday, in the workplace, in your home and in your city.

DECLARE the end from the beginning and call those things that are not as though they were.

YOU are created to be so much more.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski