What does running a business and making dinner have in common?

By: Leanne Ely

What? Too incongruent you say? Not so–it’s really simple—it’s the day in/day out consistency of doing the same positive things that guarantee success. Have you noticed when you are consistent in your business everything seems to come together the way it’s supposed to? And have you noticed how much more connected your family is when you regularly provide a family meal? Can you see how much these two activities have in common now?

 I cannot tell you how many times I’ve spoken to women entrepreneurs in particular who feel the domestic part of life is beneath them. They see me as a June Cleaver clone with a website because, well, I’m all about dinner and making it happen for you and your families. And while there are some that may look down at the importance of what I do, let me give you 3 major points on why it counts.

Listen, the simple act of dinner could revolutionize your family.

1)    Dinner isn’t just feeding people; it’s an important life skill that is put into motion daily. We are given the privilege to sit at the table with these God-given family members of ours not just for the food, but for the nurture as well. We’re not just filling holes (empty tummies) we’re feeding souls.

2)    Time invested in the dinner table ritual gives everyone the security they need; we have a sense of belonging. Nowhere does this show up more dramatically than with your children—they do better in school, less likely to do the things we don’t want them doing (sex, drugs, booze), have better eating habits and are less likely to develop eating disorders. Many a study supports all of the above.

3)    When we are invested in our families, we are able to invest back into our businesses because everyone is happier and more secure (including the dinner maker!). In contrast, having dinner at the computer because you’re “too busy” for a family meal is akin to saying “I don’t have time for you.” It’s guilt producing and does nothing to get the family the good nutrition they need.

The bottom line is that the act of dinner and the sacredness of the family meal translate into huge rewards for all concerned. Meshing your schedule to carve out the time to chop some onions, throw on a pot of rice and put a pot roast in the oven is more than just economical, it’s wise.

Remember, your family is priceless is irreplaceable. When you take the time to feed them dinner, they’ll know that without a word.

  Leanne Ely is a New York Times bestselling author. Her Saving Dinner cookbook series are available in bookstores everywhere. For more information and to get a free week of Menu-Mailer, go to http://savingdinner.com  Leanne is also one our new A Real Change Experts! We're so glad to welcome her!