What Does Bodybuilding, Venice Beach, Homeschooling And Your Business Have In Common?

By Sandi Krakowski


Have you ever visited a new city, picked up your rental car and then you take off with the wind in your hair, the sun coming through your sunroof headed for some well deserved rest and relaxation?

As you pull out of the airport parking garage you stop at the first stop sign and then begin to go over all the things you read on the internet. Mr. Traveling Expert #1 said that you should take this route and then go left to that because it will save you loads of time and a ton of headaches. You're reminded of Mrs Traveling Expert #2 who said that sticking to the well worn path was the best advise in this town because it's faster and safer, you won't get lost. But the memory and intriguing energy of Mr Traveling Expert and Free Spirit #3 also comes through your mind. He suggested you follow your gut and while it is important to stick to the main roads to get to the beach quickly it doesn't hurt to stop along the way, sip a few drinks and take in the new terrain.

Mulling through all the expert opinions you soon discover they conflict with each other. You could just merge their information together and hope to experience a little bit of what each has accomplished with their methods. But this Candy Apple Red Mustang GT is ready to roll and you just want to move into the vacation of your dreams now!

Then you look down and see the GPS system. A global positioning system is waiting to serve you. Ready to give you step by step instructions through this new city it will also tell you where traffic jams are, construction, and any other unforeseen road blocks. 

You go for the GPS. Arriving at your destination without much stress you are soon at your beachside condo ready to enjoy yourself. Feels good knowing you didn't cut corners, get lost or distracted enroute to this glorious moment.

Using a GPS makes sense. They are even accessible on a smartphone in today's electronically dominated culture. Whether you're heading to Venice Beach or San Francisco, the back roads of the Colorado mountains or the intense backups of Los Angeles, a GPS can get you to your destination without fail. 

So, I have a question for you.  Are you using a GPS with your business? A proven mapped out plan that takes into consideration today's internet culture (not last years!), the mindset of today's consumer in the midst of a recession? Or are you simply taking multiple courses online from various experts and hoping to build a path as you go with the combined philosophies?

One of the biggest keys to success in my business I've also applied to every single area of life. I work with a mapped out plan for success that someone else has already proven and done the hard work on. Adding my personal uniqueness  and individuality, along with my passions and dreams it becomes an unstoppable way to live!

When I was bodybuilding professionally in my twenties I consulted top professional athlete's plans for diet, muscular definition, sustained energy, quicker recovery and cutting edge strategies to set me apart from everyone else. They needed to work flawlessly with my personal metabolism, physique and lifestyle. It worked, I won several medals and took top positions.

As I became a parent and made a decision to homeschool our children I didn't guess along the way. Now while my methods did tend to be out of the box, non-traditional and definitely not like the typical schooling processes I was still directed and inspired by others who had many more children than I did. Moms who didn't quit and had children who loved what they were doing inspired me along the way .

It just made sense to me to find someone who has what I want and learn from them. Saves a ton of headaches, a lot of money and wasted time.

Having been in business now online for 14 years I've seen how the internet has evolved, changed and grown. It's been my passion to maintain an eagle's perspective on what works and what doesn't in direct response marketing performed on the internet. Changes in search engines, acceptable marketing practices, FTC regulations, customer mindsets, economic challenges and current world buying habits, along with the psychology of sales has been a driving force in my life nonstop. 

This is said not to impress you but to impress upon you. I've not only been able to make millions of dollars for myself but also for and with my clients. Here's something to never forget- not everything you read online is going to be valid, reliable, relevant, up to date or proven.

There's never been in the history of marketing a more powerful and at times more volatile channel as the internet. Anyone can bring their message to the world and a targeted audience very quickly, without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is also the place where people without credibility, integrity or accountability can mislead thousands if not millions each day. 

Having an expert who has a track record, a proven system and one that has been used and even approved can be priceless.

I'm writing this article in my suite in Las Vegas. Yesterday I spent 10 intense hours with some of the most brilliant business minds. People like Kevin Hogan, the world's top influence expert. Integrity and influence are not two separate worlds for Kevin. As a matter of fact he teaches how to use influence and persuasion with integrity to change and impact the world, not to control it like so many unethical companies do.  Video marketing expert Maria Andros who did over $ 250,000 in profits on her very first launch as a new marketer. I leave with so many strategies I'll be implementing that it was invaluable to me not only to have access to this information but to be able to speak to these experts side by side personally and ask specific questions for my business and my clients.  Lastly Coach Deb, the social media maven seen around the world impacting lives getting the job done at the break neck speed of a racing Lamborghini! She not only drives one she works like one with rocket fuel!

Kevin had some insightful information that will be hugely valuable to my clients when we meet in Indianapolis and my event in Chicago. He came prepared to give me that information, as his client, so that I could serve my clients even better.

Coach Deb had some amazing insight on how to increase the profits of my client's businesses and use the current client base we have to grow each other's economy, in a tribe like setting.

Maria gave me a step by step key I'll share this coming week at my event in Indianapolis that when added to WordPress and your videos will triple your SEO results!

To say these intense 10 hours were life changing is an understatement. It cost me about $ 2000 for the entire event along with my monthly membership in the Inner Circle. I've already earned 2x that before even leaving my hotel! So…..

What kind of GPS are you using for your business? Or have you been winging it with free information and a prayer? 

The story I opened with reminds me of far too many business builders who are chasing a dream and winging it. Some are very sincere in their 'winging' and some are very strategic in the process. Believing that if they follow the right leaders they'll wake up one morning to a successful thriving company they are very naive when it comes to step by step strategies for enormous company growth.

What is your plan? Do you have a map that you're following? 

If you build your business like the vacation of a life time, mapping out each step, having a 'tour guide' (expert) for all of the unfamiliar roads, your success will happen much more quickly and without as many headaches or profits lost as could occur if you didn't.

Ponder for just a moment if you will the business of your dreams, doing 6 figures annually and on track for a million in the next 12 months. Have you pondered working with me to get you there, paying close attention to every road stop, highway and intersection along the way?

Imagine if you will, waking up to your dream and discovering, this is your LIFE! 

How can I help you?  Please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you. 


small 150x150 Tacebook and Fwitter Can Sometimes Be ConfusingSandi Krakowski spent 6 years in the Direct Sales industry building a $ 4 million dollar company that was run 100% online through eCommerce, building large sales forces in network marketing and home business industries. After earning $ 1.8 million dollars in a home based business market in 31 months, she went onto build a 7-figure marketing and copywriting firm in just 20 months. Currently she runs one of the fastest growing training venues teaching beginners to experts how to really use the internet to it's fullest capacity.