Wednesday Momma Sandi Business Wisdom

By: Sandi Krakowski



We all have bad days…. As long as we're on planet Earth, some days just don't work out right. It's worse when it starts out challenging!

Or maybe…. You got up on time, took the first thought of your day and made it obey your goals…. All is going well and then BAM! Out of nowhere, the avalanche starts!

-Maybe it's a technical avalanche. 

-Maybe someone in your space who is having a personal avalanche.

-Maybe you tripped and without realizing it, your thoughts and your focus went SOUTH!

So…. Let's look at this objectively. 

What do you do when your car dies? You jump it! 

What do you do when your computer crashes? You reboot it! 

What can we do when our day is tanking fast?


Take three minutes. Lay flat on the floor if you're all tense, or put on your running shoes if you're dragging!

Do something out of the ordinary! Run around the house FAST! Take a few deep breaths & force yourself to ONLY breathe deeply for 3 minutes, no thinking allowed. 

Take a three minute shower!

Shut everything down…. OR

Put everything into overdrive for three minutes.

Your crisis will be less daunting & you will get a fresh perspective.

The only difference between those who work through and those who go under is who hit refresh & who didn't.

You got this! 

With love-

Momma Sandi