Many of you know that during the last seven months I've been able to control some serious health conditions, such as Chrohn's Disease and Colitis by following a very strict diet, taking a lot of supplements, totally changing the way I work and live. Two guys are very much the biggest support I have currently in my life during this drastic change… they also became "Star Ruby Coaching" clients as well!

I'm super excited to share with you today some of what I do to have A LOT of energy, keep myself healthy and vibrant, get the fat off my body and increase my muscle mass, all while healing my entire digestive tract. If you are sitting at your desk longer than two hours per day, don't kid yourself, THIS IS for you!

You cannot work to your greatest capacity nor will you ever reach your goals by constantly fighting with your body.  I love you all and care about you- let's do this together!!! Let's create A REAL CHANGE in our homes, our bodies and in our businesses! I will be adding a few times per month the following- recipes, supplements, energy tips, sleep aids that are natural and work, how to 'detox' your brain and more!!  YOU need support so you can run a BIG business. We're here every step of the way!

Enjoy today's article!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski



Feel Better, Look Better, and Serve Better…

Through Food

By: Steve and Jordan

“Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” ~ Edward Stanley

Those of us who follow Sandi are not willing to accept mediocre businesses.  We go above and beyond to serve, to care deeply for our clients and to listen to what they say.  So why do we so routinely accept mediocre health in our lives?

Look at the scary truth about the world in which we live:

  • Heart Disease will kill 1 in 6 of us [1]
  • Over a 100 Million Americans are diabetic or pre-diabetic (1 in 3) [2]
  • Over 60% are overweight or obese (less than 1 in 2 of us) [3]
  • And  1 in 2 of us are at risk for Cancer! [4]

These are cold hard facts. 

Statistically, one of us is going to have one of these awful diseases.  But neither of us deserves to face disease, death and suffering and we shouldn't accept these statistics. 

I’m a father of two kids, I have a day job, and an online business… and I’m dealing with autoimmune Celiac Disease on top of it all.  I made a decision in 2009 to no longer accept having diarrhea 10 times a day and laying in bed with my guts twisted in knots.  I'm now in charge of my health.

My mother died of cancer at age 52.  My father died from a massive heart attack at the age of 52.  I've made a conscious decision to not let this be my fate. 

Your health doesn’t have to be pre-determined

Your health is in your hands.  It's easy to glance at those numbers above and get a sinking feeling in your stomach.  Maybe it brings a tear to your eye thinking about a loved one who was lost.  It's really sad to think about, but we all know someone who falls into one of those statistics.  But you have a choice everyday when you wake up…

Even if the odds are stacked against you, whether it's genetics or family history, there’s a way to reverse disease.

There’s a natural way to be healthy, to bounce out of bed with energy, and to live a long, happy life.

It's a better way of eating that supports you and allows you to give your best gifts to the world.  Honestly, you matter, and right now, the world needs you to step up and give us your gifts. 

And the secret lies in our distant relatives that shaped who we are today…

Eat like we used to eat


Do you think they had weight problems?


… and they didn't have cancer, heart disease or diabetes either. 

They fact is, regardless of what you've been told, many of our hunter-gatherer ancestors who weren't killed by predators actually lived a long, healthy and vibrant life well into old age.  If they had our amazing modern medical procedures to heal big wounds and broken bones, it's likely many would have lived even longer. 

The biggest difference between us and them is the food we eat.  The foods they ate back then were much different than the way most of us grew up.  They didn't have refrigeration, big box supermarkets, and the only preservative they had was called fermentation. 

I used to wonder how any of this applied to me, as many people do when they first start thinking about the way we humans used to live. 

It can't be that simple to eat like our ancestors and diseases disappear, but I’m here to tell you: my Celiac Disease vanished.  And it’s all because I eat a Paleo diet.  One that’s based on the way we used to eat, before agriculture came around. 

Here’s a few real-life examples from the Paleo community:

 Controlling Type 1 Diabetes With The Paleo Diet

The Weight Seemed to Just Shed Off Effortlessly

How Sandi Beat Ulcerative Colitis Into Remission

And this is just scratching the surface.  I want you to feel your best, look your best and give your best gifts to the world.  The one way that I know will help you do that everyday is to eat natural, whole foods that share these qualities:

  • Are low-toxin foods like our ancestors ate
  • Nothing processed from boxes or packages
  • Meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and some seeds
  • Avoiding industrial vegetable or seed oils, sugar, and all cereal grains

It’s easier than you might think.  In fact, in the last week you might have eaten a Paleo meal without even realizing it.  Maybe you had salmon and vegetables, or a steak and some sweet potato?  What about a chicken salad (minus the croutons)?  If so, that’s a Paleo meal.  It's really that easy. 

Here’s your to do this week:

Try making one Paleo meal for dinner by choosing a meat, fruit, and veggie that you enjoy.  For an idea, try making one of my favorite meals.

Here’s the recipe:  Delicious Citrus Chicken Salad

Leave a comment below, we'd love to hear from you!

In good health,

Jordan and Steve

Steven Wright and Jordan Reasoner are health engineers who help people naturally heal digestive problems, reduce stress, and create lasting, lifelong health.  Their “step-by-step approach to natural digestive health” has helped more than 10,000 clients in over 130 countries.  For a natural and free quick start guide visit