Video Marketing For The Business Owner Made Easy

By: Sandi Krakowski


Video Marketing is something that every business owner, beginner or advanced, should be implementing into their business.

In a recent interview I did with my personal mentor, Bill Glazer, he said that within the next year mobile marketing will be as big as if not bigger than what we have seen occur with social media in the last two years. (You will receive that interview in our Thursday newsletter, so watch for it! We're giving away the entire audio of this powerful discussion we had!) Mobile Marketing includes but is not limited to the usage of Smartphone, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, portable devices, text messaging and more! Video fits perfectly into these environments! As a matter of fact, viewing a video on any of these devices is much easier on the eye than attempting to read! 

When I did all of my own lead generation in my home based business, video was the #1 tool we used to create huge conversion on our sales pages. Listen, they weren't even perfect! As a matter of fact, some of the ones we used I looked at recently and thought to myself, "You have got to be kidding me?! I put THAT on a web page for thousands of people to see?!" Then I was reminded of the over $1.8 million dollars we made in 31 months when we built that business. Apparently perfection isnt' needed.

Here are some key points that will help your business and create what we call "Smart Video Marketing"-

  • Keep your videos brief, bright and brilliant.  Most viewers don't want to watch a 35 minute video, nor do they have the time to do so. Unless it's something they've invested their time and money to view, any free videos you use for marketing should be between 5-7 minutes long, preferably 3 minutes to keep it 'Infomercial Length".
  • Present one topic clearly and concisely. This is not the place to talk about what your Aunt Jane did last week at the family reunion. Nor is it the time to expect me to understand everything you do. Give me bite sized morsels so that I have an increased desire to get MORE from you!
  • Encourage me. It's not private knowledge that many people are struggling, discouraged and could use a kind word. Give me one through video, preferably several times per month. It will increase my desire to learn more from you.
  • Be yourself!  This is not the time to get hair extensions, false eyelashes, toupees or other false methods of enhancement. Let's have a relationship through video. Obviously it's not a good idea to show up in your pajamas or to look sloppy and lazy on video, but be presentable, relatable and be yourself! No 'radio show host' voices, please.
  • Use correct lighting. Lighting can make or break your video. If I see a shadow or a plant growing out of your head, I'm going to be distracted. My friend Chalene Johnson, who owns the #1 Female Informercial, is hosting a 3 day Academy this weekend that I'll be speaking at. Lighting is just one of the many topics she'll be covering. Lighting is something that can take you from unprofessional to near TV quality, quickly and effectively!
  • SMILE.  This sounds obvious but you'd be amazed at how many videos you can find online from business owners who look cranky, sad, confused or worse yet, very insecure! Smile my friends, enjoy your business. Do whatever it takes to get to the point that you love what you're doing rather than doing it because you have to.

Video marketing is an excellent relationship tool!

When you meet with me at a coffee shop or a cocktail party, we'll get to know each other. You won't tell me your entire life's story, nor will you attempt to sell me something the first time you see me. This is the standard model for video making as well.  Review your video and ask yourself, "If I entered a room of 300 people I don't know is this what I'd say at a party?"  

Make your videos interesting to people. Be unique!

Don't hesitate to do something OUTRAGEOUS that will get you remembered! This should be something you do rarely and do it in style, classy not trashy…. and make me LOVE YOU!

Video marketing is a great way to teach clients or students.

In our Inner Circle we use videos, 8-12 minutes long, every single Tuesday, taking our clients through one incremental step in their business. Using the "Saturation Method" of learning that we've been using for more than 21 years in our homeschool environment, we saturate and cover a topic until beginners are made masters! By being able to listen, replay, stop, start and rewind the video, people can learn at their own pace and repeatedly. Use video to instruct!

Even if you think you wouldn't look great on video, give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised! Some of our clients used to be terrified and I mean really SCARED out of their whits of doing video. But they went beyond their comfort zone and did it anyways. The stories that come to us from our clients are often mixed with tears, rejoicing and even people writing me privately saying, "I broke through one of the biggest blocks in my life the day you asked us to do a video in class!"

Marketing is how you connect with people. 

Video is an amazingly fun, profitable and effective tool in building great relationships with your clients. Do a video today! Write me about it so we can feature YOU and your results in our upcoming newsletters! 



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