Editor's Note-

Today's newsletter is very special and is of an URGENT nature.

If you've read Rabbi Lapin's book that we've referred to several times last week, you'll know first hand that a BIG key to wealth creation is being able to predict the future. This is one of my strengths when it comes to consulting and I am unashamed to tell you, something people pay me large sums of money so that they are prepared for the changes online that are going to take place.

Today, I am giving back to you… from one of the most profound mentors who have ever stepped into my space and my business.  Below you'll find  an interview with the man who I call on personally and have come to trust for input on my business.  Please make note now…. change is coming. Online, in the next 10-12 months, things are CHANGING.. rapidly.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

How To Prepare For The Upcoming Economic Shift That Will Take Place Online, Whether You Like It Or Not!

Listen to this interview that my mentor, Bill Glazer and I did last Friday in the private "A Real Change" interview offices!

Learn first hand one of the most successful tool Bill uses that you can apply INSTANTLY into your own business, no matter what you you market. Also learn as Bill shares one of his big "Flops" and what he learned from it! 

This is a very valuable opportunity- enjoy!