Twitter Revolution

#TwitterRevolution- The Pulse Of The Planet Or The Pollution Of Our Freedom?

Earlier this week I received an email from CNBC's editorial team about an upcoming show they were doing. They wanted my thoughts and input on the topic. Today I'd like to share a few thoughts on the show with you, all of my readers. If you are SERIOUS about using social media for your business or ministry, please don't miss the critical message that was given on this episode.​

Our client base includes corporations, small business owners, ministries and anyone who has a message. I've recently been called, "The Message On Steroids Queen" because of the ability that I have to make a message go viral quickly. The thing that fascinates me about social media, however, is not it's ability to spread a message like wild fire in real time, but rather, the power it gives to all of humanity to have a voice.

The general public now has a voice!

#TwitterRevolution showed us a tool, social media, has changed our lives forever. CNBC aired the show at 9:00 pm ET on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 revealing to us what this tool has done to how we communicate and interact on a global basis.

@dickc Dick Costolo, CEO at Twitter, shared his philosophy of the global "Town Square" and how Twitter has become this to the world. The place where we go first for information, whether it's something we're sharing or something we're searching for. Twitter created the "Real Time World" that we all now live in.

For years journalists have raced through weather, crowds, without sleep, not even sure where they are going but knowing a story is breaking and they must chase it. The prize was given to the one who could report quickly, as it happened. The plane just crashed, who will arrive at the scene first to give first-hand information.

Now, a passenger can post on their Facebook page that the pilot just saved us from a near fatal crash and my arm is broken! NOW the general public has become the resource for journalists, not crowded news rooms. iPhones have become the tool the 'media' reports with and a tweet done by just a casual observer can go global in a matter of minutes!

Twitter also has it's down side, as revealed in this powerful episode, #TwitterRevolution. A tool in the wrong hands can do great damage. Ironically, there are people who say they refuse to use social media because of this 'dark side'. Having been online for the last 18 years building businesses, I've heard it all when it comes to the reasons why people won't 'use it' or 'change' or 'be like everyone else'. But I think the reality is now just beginning to set in that we will get to a point where everyone will HAVE to 'use' social media whether we like it or not. It IS the tool of this generation.

Revolutions are not caused by tools, they are created by people.

People using tools to peel through all that has hindered, held back and caged in. Twitter is such a tool. Walls have fallen, rules have been broken and how we do life has been changed forever.

It is my opinion that we will NEVER again see a President win the election without the use of social media. Companies that avoid social media as just a fad are writing a check for their competitor. Parents who ignore the reasons why their children love social media so much are just erecting bigger walls between the communication gap and ignoring the reality of a society that has changed.

Twitter has been called the pulse of the planet. 200 million active users share over 400 million TWEETS per day.  CNBC did a fantastic job of not only educating on the usage of Twitter, giving great insight into the ramifications of Twitter, but I applaud them because they didn't shy away from the 'dark side' and they hit it head on.

A tool in the hands of men and women is completely powerless until someone picks it up. This generation has not only picked up Twitter, they are steering our future with it. Use your tool wisely! Change the world. Impact your global neighbor. If you don't, someone else will.​  #TwitterRevolution

With love,

Sandi Krakowski