Social Media For Musicians And Authors

Social Media For Musicians And Authors

Are you a musician or an author? Today's episode is for you! 

In case you haven't heard these stats before, let me break it to you gently:

400 MILLION Tweets Per Day

2 BILLION Likes Per Day

People are very active on social media. So the question I have for you today, if you are an author, musician or even a business owner is this: WHAT are you doing to engage with your audience?

Depending on old school marketing is NOT going to cut it. When I hear business owners, authors and musicians still questioning whether social media will 'work' or whether or not it's 'ROI will benefit them', I have just one thought that pops into my head before ANY other: "You competitors are so grateful you have no clue."

Today's generation looks to Twitter and Facebook every single hour for their favorite artisits and yet, most of the artists of today are completely MISSING IT when it comes to relationship. They're posting concerts, announcing new CDs and might even have a contest here and there. But real relationship is missing.

Listen in on today's episode where I'll give you 4 VERY POWERFUL and profitable tips that you can use immediately to increase engagement as an artist, grow your loyal fan base and make more money with your talent! WATCH NOW!