Do you feel tension creeping up on you? Are your muscles tightening up? Is your jaw clenched? Pay very careful attention to that tension. Many times that is a signal that you are right in the middle of God’s will with the BEST THING that could ever happen to you right in front of you. The enemy of your soul, your future, your finances, and your life will create tension when he sees that you are on the verge of working in God’s plan. 

The enemy will make you feel like quitting; you’ll begin to have feelings you’ve never had before! The tension will begin to invade your sleep and even your home! When you are pursuing your dreams, the enemy does everything he can to disrupt your path. You’ll begin to buy into the lie that, if this is right, it should be easier. He will tell you that struggle shouldn’t be a part of your life if you are on the path God wants for you. Tension is one of the great deceivers and discouragers. 

Remember, when you are on target, you become a target. The devil does not want you to stay where you are in God’s will and will try to get you off track by convincing you the rough road is not the right one. You will not create the life of your dreams without some tension. You will not push against the status quo without some resistance. 

When I decided to go in a new direction with my career path, I encountered so much tension I began to question my choices. I had people challenge the wisdom of my plan. I received advice that I should try something different since this was so difficult. I began to wonder if I had made the wrong decision. This is when you have to dig in. This is when you have to pray to God for discernment and declare what God said instead of what your feelings say. God has grace equal to the tension, so stop running, stop stressing, and lean into heaven. Heaven holds your answer: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

Ask heaven to shut the door on the lies and deceit. Stand. Stand. Stand. Keep standing and you will see the glory of the Lord. You will see Him leading you out of the tension to the promises He holds for you. Don’t let tension define your path. Let God show you the way through the struggle to BE MORE. 

No matter how difficult, you can rise above your challenges. Don’t lose sight of your future. 


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