Word for today, March 6, 2015: We take that step forward, against all odds, even when we have a 99% chance of failing because the WIN on the other side is so worth the fight!

The ones who won't fight, who calculate the odds and say the fight isn't worth it, will never experience the rush, the against-all-odds win, that a Champion is able to glory in, because they quit, they gave up and their surrendered to an odd. A mere calculation strangles their faith. Having to see in the natural suffocates the ability to see in the spirit.

Why do we fight, when everything is against us, the odds and calculations are not in our favor? Because a CHAMPION lives in the 1%. They know that it's not what has happened to us that matters. It's not what others did to us that creates our destiny. It's what we do next, in the 1% world where so many people give up, THEY, the Champions, come alive there. They dream with God there. They expand, they enlarge, and ultimately? They beat the odds!

YOU were created to #BEMORE