Do You Suffer From Gut Issues? IBS, Gas, Bloating or Worse?

My first bleeding ulcer was in 6th grade. For someone who had suffered as much trauma as I did as a kid, this is not uncommon. I've been through some profound healing, spiritually, for the horrific things I suffered. Spiritual roots in our healing are important. But I've also been on a seach to heal my gut at a deep level, and along the way I've discovered many things that work, and many that do not work.

In a desire to use my influence, with more than 1 million people on my Facebook page and over 500k on other social pages, I want to share some of what I've learned along the way in hopes that it might help someone else. 

Please know, if you have a medical condition affecting your gut, please be sure you're under good medical care. I personally refuse to work with any doctors who don't support an Integrative Medicine mindset. I also refuse to not get medical care and just try to wing it. Both are unwise in my opinion. Some doctors may not understand how ID works, but if it is necessary for me to take any medications, I want to work with someone who will support me in my decisions.

When it comes to medical care, remember this powerful statement: YOU are not a victim. You are responsible for the kind of care you get. You must take responsibility for the medications, or lack of medications, you choose to take or not take. Once you are firmly committed to that statement, you'll be on your way to finding the best care. Don't blame doctors who don't support Integrative Medicine. Just find someone else. Even if you have to look elsewhere, drive hours for good care or start a small part time business on the side (which by the way I show how everyday on my blog!) to pay for medical costs that aren't covered by insurance, remember this- to BE MORE and BE POWERFUL you must stop supporting a victims mindset. (This said by a girl who suffered horrific trauma, so please, I'm sure we can all talk about our horrible stories. What we DO with these situations is what dictates the kind of life we live.)

The gut is the SECOND BRAIN of the entire body. It doesn't lie when our 'thinking' brain does. Our gut has more neurotransmitters than even the brain in our head. This is why the gut is oftentimes referred to as the 'second brain.' It's also why I hold to the view that as I am healing my body, it's imperative that I heal my heart of trauma, memories, and wrong beliefs that don't support a strong body.

With all of that said, let me share a few things with you that have helped me remarkably. I take them when me when traveling, always have them available and work with my Integrative Doctors for the best health result.

We won't ever have total health in our bodies without a healthy gut. The gut has so much to do with what is going on in our entire body. Leaky Gut is responsible for many of the diseases, dysfunctions and more that are epidemic in our world. Read: GAPS: Gut And Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment For Autism, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Depression and Schizophrenia. 

One of the best resources I've found who offers an entire protocol the average person can use will be listed in my resources below, Dr Junger, MD. But I want you to understand this- NO TWO people are alike. What works for one person could make another person ulcerate. What helps one person's case, could severely thwart another person's care. So be wise, walk in wisdom, and be responsible for your own care.  Just because your friend is super healthy on a vegetarian diet doesn't you will be. AND…. just because your sister thrives on Paleo doesn't mean you will. TEST, don't guess. 

I am not a medical doctor, so I am not diagosing diseases, offering healing or anything like that. I'm just someone who has battled severe gut issues more than 75% of my life. The reason my skin looks like it does, the reason I am healing like I am, and the reason I've been involved in alternative medical solutions for more than 35 years, is because I've seen it work.

Much of the protocol listed below will help you A LOT if you are an athlete, or someone who works out everyday. It helps the body to repair and heal. Interestingly enough, the protocol below also helps the body fight fat, cellulite and makes the skin younger. Can I hear a shout of "Hallelujiah!" ?  🙂 

Now remember, if anything listed below causes you distress, than DO NOT use it. Don't be silly. Also, I'll say it again, if you have bleeding, have a disease and a critical condition, get a good doctor. Don't be unwise and try to do this all on your own. A good Integrative Doctor will test your stool for parasites, bacteria and more. Just type in your city and Integrative Doctor or Functional Medicine Doctor into a search engine to find someone to help you. I suffered for 10 months and then found out I had a serious bacteria in my gut lining several years ago. Properly taking antibiotics with the protocol listed below, wiped it out. I needed a good doctor to treat that. Diarrhea, even if you have Ulcerative Colotis, can be caused by many things. TEST don't guess. BE SMART and stop suffering. A good ID will also test saliva, urine, hair and blood. Your adrenals or liver could be making you sick. Do not guess! Test. 


The single most important thing you can do for your gut, whether you suffer from a horrible disease or just occasional digestive distress, is add 1- cup of good ole fashioned bone broth to your diet per day. Make a crockpot every week and it will help tremendously. I've never met a doctor who would refute this. Even the most 'contrary to natural remedy' doctors understand that bone broth heals.

NOURISING BROTH is a fantastic book. Broths are super easy to make and can be done quickly. This book is more than 300 pages of broths and more. You can find a lot of broths online for free, but if you're like me, I want variety!

Bentonite Clay should be in every household. We've given it to our children when they travel internationally on mission trips, to prevent traveler's diarrhea. If you suffer from poor gut health, this is invaluable for dotoxifying the gut. NOTE: Do not rely only on clay! The whole protocol: Good doctor (if you have a disease!) and proper tools to HEAL the gut are necessary. Clay doesn't heal, it helps toxicity. 

Glutamine Powder is necessary for healing leaky gut. This is a condition when the lining of the gut is impaired, and rather than protecting the body from toxins, infection and parasites, the gut is LEAKING into the body systemically. 

Colostrum heals the gut, helps the immune system and heals the body. Every household should have colostrum in it. If you have milk or dairy allergies, your ID will tell you if you can take colostrum. For one crisis I had, it made me sick. NOW…. I take it daily. TEST don't guess.

Probiotics are important. I take this one along with good home made Kefir and raw milk yogurt. I couldn't ever tolerate dairy years ago. Now it is healing to me. (Test don't guess!)

This is a great program for many people. created by Dr Junger, MD.  There are a few things that he suggests that I cannot take, because I didn't guess, I tested. If you are suffering from digestive issues and have not been diagnosed as having a disease at all, this might be a great place to start. He has some GREAT resources on his site as well. Steve and Jordan helped me out so much several years ago when I was first introduced to the 'healing the gut' protocol. I recommend you read their blogs and glean info from them. They're fantastic. They have a ton of resources!

YOU deserve good health. Take good care of yourself and take GOOD CARE of your gut! I am not available for questions, diagnosing or giving advice on what to take. The resources listed above are. The items that I take, I've listed for you, in case you want to try them out. Find a good ID for your health needs. 

Above all else, test and don't guess. Deal with your spiritual issues that need healing. Know that YOU are amazing and God loves you very much!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

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