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Increasing Engagement & Reach On A Facebook Page Without Spending A Penny!

Many small business owners don't realize that the sum-total of what happens on their Facebook page = the total engagement and growth of their marketing. For example, you may be thinking, 'Why do I want to do so many posts that increase likes, comments or shares on my page that don't have anything to do with the posts that have something I'm selling?'  Great question!

Engagement and reach on your page is created by how many likes, comments and shares occur on any posts. Another big key to remember is this:

If someone likes, comments or shares on a few posts per week, they will see all of your posts all week. Rather than simply focusing on how often they see the posts that offer something to purchase, we want to really focus on the COMBINED TOTAL of all posts.

When someone likes your page but never does anything else- they don't like, comment or share anything on the page, that means they won't see anything from that page. This is why it is so important to think of an overall strategy, rather than just the strategy of promotion you'll use for your launch, selling or featured posts.

The biggest mistakes brands make on a Facebook page is that they oftentimes spend so much time focusing on what they're selling, and how many times people see that particular post, that they create a situation where people aren't even seeing their content. Worse yet, they whine and complain about it, blaming Facebook. If you've done this, you can no longer pull out the 'I didn't know' card. NOW you know.

In order to get more people seeing ALL of your posts, your goal is to get every person on the page to like, comment or share at least 2-3 times per week on something!

That's a huge paradigm shift, isn't it?

Here you were, constantly focusing on your launch, your promotion strategies and how many sales you were receiving from these posts, while all the while, your entire OVERALL REACH is the goal.

Check this out- If Mary, who has 2459 friends and Tom who has 4598 friends and Mark who has 92 friends connected with a post on your Facebook page, that means you would not only reach one of these amazing people, you'd reach their friends as well. Because when they connect with your page, a little note appears in their feed to all of their friends that says, "Mary just commented on this page". If just these 3 people were to comment on your page today, you'll reach: 7149 people!

To do a solo-email campaign that you paid to have sponsored with an email list that size, you'd pay over $1500. But this happens for free on Facebook!

But Mary connects to Facebook for 20 minutes everyday at 8 am. Tom connects at 2 pm and Mark, he's on his phone connecting to Facebook every night at 7:15pm right after work.  IF you were to only post on your page 2 times per week like  people used to teach, or only 2 times per day, and it wasn't at these particular times? You'd miss these 3 people and their 7000+ friends!

Simply posting more often will increase your engagement. Seriously!

Now that you understand you want to post more often and you want to post content that doesn't reference anything for sale, except for 10-15% of the time, you're starting to realize WHY it's so important to have relationship with the people  coming back to your page to engage, day after day.

What an amazing marketing plan this is!

As you create great content, you're now creating a situation where people will see more and more of everything you post INCLUDING the posts that include your sales offer.

OVERALL content —>>> steers more likes, comments and shares = overall engagement.

THEN…. the most important thing you want to do is add thousands of highly-targeted people to your Facebook page every single week. You can do that by using tested and tried copywriting, direct response marketing and Facebook ads. I've been doing pay per click ads for more than 20 years now and I'm super excited to be teaching my 4 part webinar, Facebook Ads 2.0 starting in July!

HOLY COW if you add $5-$10 per day in ads? NOW you have the making of a
hugely successful marketing plan! And a crazy recipe for success.

I've written email campaigns and sales pages that have generated millions of dollars for my clients, and have record-breaking click through and conversion rates. If you aren't seeing thousands of ideal clients joining your page every single week, let me show you how to use $5-$10 per day in ads, dark posts, video posts and more to grow your brand and increase your sales DAILY! Register now!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

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