On social media, we're not entitled to one thing. EVER. 

If that statement bothers you, than you better read this. 

I hear it everyday. I SEE it everyday. Incredible.

First people have no one on their page. So, they take my classes, they get a ton of highly targeted followers and then they want to know 'when they can EXPECT to see more reach.'

OR….. they do some ads, everyday. Build a great page, engage with people and comment back…… and then they let it go. They start scheduling posts, ignoring their page, putting things on auto-pilot and acting like they're entitled to having anyone comment, like or share on their page…… then, they say something really stupid like, 'I think Facebook really jacked up the things now because even my page isn't getting any reach.'

In the school of direct response marketing we are entitled to NOTHING, my friends. Nothing. EVER. If you place an ad in a magazine, no one can guarantee you that someone will respond. If you do an infomercial on a television network, you are not entitled to a certain response rate. No one can guarantee a thing. The only person who can control that is the marketer themselves. 

I was looking at one of my clients pages, today. She used to be an incredible success. Built her page past 100k from zero, even got it verified. Then she did what I call the 'mortal sin in marketing' and she just thought that scheduling content, and being sure it was posted every hour should do the trick. There was no relationship, nothing alive on the page. She let it go. Stopped caring. Got entitled. 

Oh sure, she had a post every single hour, but hardly any comments and there are over 100,000 highly targeted people on that page. Then she came to me asking me 'WHY on earth this was happening because ALL of her hard spent money was going down the drain!' My answer to her? She stopped caring. Her goal to get to a specific reach and income had been swallowed up by comfort. Entitlement had set in. 

She no longer approached her marketing with a heart to serve. She had a goal to get to a certain number, a certain amount of comments and figured now things could run 'on their own'. 

In the world of telephone marketing years ago, if someone responded to your call favorably, and you closed the lead, YOU had great skill. It wasn't the prospects fault, the ball was in your court. Oh sure, there were a certain percentage that had no interest at all and some were down right rude and hung up, but the reality was this, cold calling required skill. Not entitlement. 

Today, in a social media world, where people can put up a Facebook page really fast, get a good header on that page and then set up their Twitter to match, people think that as long as they get their settings in order, and they do things 'exactly as they have been taught' that for some reason they are now entitled to something. Like they paid their dues, they created the content, they did the ads. In the words of my Irish friends they start crying, "Why the bloody hell isn't anyone buying?!"

Marketing is not a game of entitlement in this world we live in. It's the process of understanding people. To get really good at marketing, we have to become the best 'human psychologists' the world has seen. This is why so much of our personal stuff comes up when we try to build a business, because it revolves around people. If a business is going to succeed, they're going to have to learn to watch people, understand them, care from the heart, learn new skill, put aside their selfishness and entitlement and just like a good workout, do it every single day for it to achieve results.

Sure, just like a good fitness program, you can grow your brand to a place where you can put in less work for more profit, when your client base grows and you really start to understand predictable traits of behavior. But until then, just like any college level class or anything else we want to learn, it takes skill set. Plain and simple. We can't put it all on auto-pilot. That's a lie internet marketers have fed you.

Mark Z can mess up his algorithm ten times a week and it won't matter, when you understand good copywriting, marketing, human behavior and being a servant. Because when you really begin to understand people, how to find an urgent need, create a unique solution, be useful and ultra-specific, you could drop yourself out of a plane in any country, and as long as you could connect with people and have a product or service to market, you could make money.

This is the science that I have mastered.

I work at it every single day of my life.

Not a day goes by that I'm not paying attention to human behavior, marketing trends and how to serve my fellow man. Every single day I must keep my muscles sharp or even I can slip into apathy and marketing entitlement. I've done it before and it's not fun AT ALL. I've personally called over 30,000 phone leads myself. I work hard, VERY hard at my trade. When entitlement sets in, it's an ugly thing. 

If you have thought all you had to do is create a system and put the right pieces into place and the profits would just start spilling out like an ATM machine, it's time to repent of this marketing madness and learn some real skill.

I'm not even going to give you a link to go to.

No, I want to see how really serious you truly are.

At the top of my website you'll find a page entitled, "Magnetic Engagement." I have a twenty year track record of being able to do this online and now I've mastered it on social media. I want to help you, but if you're full of entitlement and think you deserve success, rather than being willing to serve others and put being helpful as most important, just do something else.

But if you're coachable, teachable and willing to learn, I'd love the honor of serving you and teaching you. Go to my site now and register for Magnetic Engagement. But no entitlement allowed, you got it?

Let others whine and complain.

Not you. YOU were made for more and will learn a skill that you can own for the rest of your life. You won't be affected by economic struggles ever again. You won't have to worry about down turns and up swings and market variations, because YOU will acquire a skill that changes everything. Learning engagement is just one of those skills.

See you in class. 🙂 

OH….. and if this has offended you, or you think it's too harsh. I'm so sorry. You don't have an entrepreneur mind or heart. It's a pleasure knowing you. I bless you. But you aren't cut out for this.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski