Building A Small Business

Building A Small Business- Small business owners asked me questions and here's the top answers! 

Earlier today I asked small business owners on my Facebook Page with over 1.2 million people their top burning questions. I grabbed my phone, did a video and answered their TOP questions.

On this video you'll learn:

  • How do I decide what to build my business around when I have 1000+ ideas?!
  • How do I make my family and friends honor my boundaries when I work at home?
  • What do we do when we're terrified to do videos?
  • How many times should I be posting videos on my page?
  • What about Facebook Groups? Are these a great tool to use for business?
  • How do we create a business if we have serious health issues?
  • How many times should I post per day on my Facebook page?

and more!

This FREE training is worth thousands of dollars. I hope you'll come visit me and say "hi!" and let me know how I can help YOU! 🙂  WATCH NOW!

Love you guys,

Sandi Krakowski