Sandi's To Do List Minute-

Scheduled Breaks

We're all busy. Don't tell me how busy you are. If you get too busy you're going to be forced to take a break anyways…. forced breaks are no fun. Learn to schedule them.

In your weekly schedule, your daily schedule and especially inside of your monthly schedule are you making sure there are pauses, moments set apart for reading and relaxation? Along with the wide buttocks syndrome that so many internet marketers get from sitting on their backside for too long, many of us end up with nasty back issues, exhaustion, wore out eyes and brains that are turning to mush!

It's not attractive, it's not worth it!  Schedule yourself some breaks!

Every day make sure you have at least 2-3 1/2 hour breaks.  Work a hard day- give yourself breaks and quit acting like you're someone special who is so busy that you can't possibly take breaks. Yes you can and you should!

Schedule at least one day per week that you have a 1/2 day off!  Schedule it in right now. 

If you think your business is so big that you can't possibly walk away for a 1/2 of a day, than for crying out loud get deliverance and walk away for an entire day!

YOU my friends are worth more than your business. You were not designed to go go go go go 24/7.

Inside some direct sales companies I've heard corporate heads telling people that the way to momentum is to never quit! BUNK! That's the way to a nervous breakdown! I've worked with multiple leaders in direct sales, coaching, public speaking, book publishing and the like…. ALL of them and I said ALL increased their income by taking regular breaks.

Schedule time off every month and more time off… every 3 months!

Throw in a 3 day weekend. Get some time away… relax! You can do this!

Big breakthrough for me this year was to schedule in 14-18 days off every 3 months! Oh my gosh at first I thought my entire business would falter!  I still check in on social media, talk a lot about my vacations and post our trips and travels regularly!  People look to me for encouragement to take time off and be free!

June 1st we leave for Maui for 18 days! WOOHOO! If I can do it, so can YOU!

Be different!

Inspire people, be more! Create a real change. Schedule breaks!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski